Lea Salonga, pinagpipiyestahan sa social media

Lea Salonga, pinagpipiyestahan sa social media

Lea-SalongaLEA SALONGA is creating quite a stir on social media. First, marami ang nakapansin sa kanyang distractingly sagging boobs sa reality show ng Dos.

“This is purely with no malice but @MsLeaSalonga’s cleavage is a bit distracting. #BattlesPH,” one @dudeinterrupted tweeted.

This was followed by two more tweets, “Dahl @TheVoiceABSCBN  can you tweet pic @MsLeaSalonga’s photo? People are admiring her cleavage tonight. Gracias. #BattlesPH” and “Very Xtina Aguilera the peg of Lea Salonga tonight! **hyena laugh**”

So, pinagtawanan niya ang boobs ni Aling Lea? But this ale is not at all bothered as she tweted, “Don’t worry yourselves about the cleavage. Many safety pins gave their lives to keep things together. Focus on the #BattlesPH!!! Thanks!!!”

“Dear @johnlozano10, yung mga outfit na pinapasuot mo sa akin, pinag-uusapan!!! As always, thank you, Bebz!!! #BattlesPH,” say pa niya.

Of late, Aling Lea kept on ranting about the spoilers na nanood ng reality show nila nina Sarah Geronimo, Apl. De.Ap at Bamboo. Galit na galit ang veteran singer dahil meron yatang naglabas na ng result sa social media sa battle round ng show nila matapos itong kunan ng video during the taping.

We could understand where her rage is coming from but she should put the blame also on the inefficient staff of the show. Bakit nakalusot ang mga cellphone with camera during the show? Hindi ba malaking kapalpakan ‘yan sa side ng production?

So, why is Aling Lea venting her ire on the spoilers when it doesn’t take intelligence to realize na mas merong kasalanan ang production staff dahil nakalusot ang cellphone during taping. Why is she afraid to castigate those pabayang staff? Akala namin matapang siya, hindi naman pala. Murahin mo rin, Aling Lea, ang pabayang staff ng show mo. Be fair.


TILA MAY predilection for lunacy and hallucination ang young filmmaker na si Maria Diane Ventura. In her latest movie kasi, Mulat/Awaken, one of the finalists in  the Metro Manila Film Festival, New Wave, Feature Film division, ay merong elementong “dual nature and inner conflict, as well as contradictions and paradoxes”.

“Yeah, it deals with… merong mga therapy sessions scenes sa film. I’ve always been fascinated  with the processes of the mind pero in terms of getting characters na crazy, I won’t call themselves crazy. They just speak their minds. They speak it as it is and usually people they don’t understand  someone ‘coz we always filter ourselves when we’re talking to other people pero these women are empowered to actually say what’s on their mind and some people would call that crazy. I just think they are misunderstood,” esplika ni Diane whose first short, TheRapist, starring Cherie Gil and Marco Morales, also had psychiatric elements.

“These films were written just for the mere purpose of telling a story so people should watch and just take its story for its value, for its merit, for quality and not necessarily like judge women, kasi fictional characters naman sila,” Diane explained.

Mulat/Awaken, has won for Diane her first Best Director trophy and Jake’s first Best Actor award during the International Film Festival Manhattan 2014.

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas