Lea Salonga, nakababastos ang tweet

Lea Salonga, nakababastos ang tweet

Lea-SalongaMARAMI ANG nabastusan sa isang Twitter post ni Lea Salonga after the Voice of the Philippines Season 2 finale episode.

“So for the Top 2..who did I vote for? Obvious ba? Congratulations @JasonJamesDy. Team Lea rooted for you. We love you so much,” came Lea’s controversial tweet.

“Nakakabastos yung “obvious ba”. Be professional! OA mo na nga, bastos ka pa!” wailed one very disgusted fan.

“I was speaking my expression. I was exuberant,” came Lea’s  explanation.

Two guys commented against Lea. One said, “I do have a feeling that Lea is enjoying the attention. Her “bitching” all over twitter is also annoying. Well she’s entitled, but there’s such a thing as too much. And Lea sometimes reaches that point.”

Another echoed the same sentiment and said, “Agree! Masyadong feeling entitled ang lola mo. Sana minsan medyo sensitive naman tayo di ba! Kaloka”.

Say naman ng isa, “Lea turned for Jason, raved about him during the Blind Auditions, kaya ‘obvious ba’ kung sinong gugustuhin nyang iboto sa kanilang dalawa? Some people just put too much meaning on what she said. And when she said “wag paawa” – I mean come on, we’ve seen it before, contestants taking out their backstory card to get the votes. She just wanted The Voice to be about, well, THE VOICE.”

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas