La Chevrerie, the place to be after the Holidays

La Chevrerie, the place to be after the Holidays

1 Resort 2 Resort 3 Resort 4 Resort 5 Resort Family La Chevererie l Atellier La Chevrerie BedroomCHRISTMAS DECORS have been taken down…no more left and right parties…Festive season is over! Do you suddenly feel tired?

After binge eating, drinking and merrymaking, it’s normal to feel exhausted. According to New-York based clinical psychologist, Linda Smith, there can be a lull after big events such as weddings; Christmas and birthdays thus it’s good to take a short break outside the metro.

If you are planning for a vacation in the Philippines, there is a new 5-star resort in Anilao Batangas which has been a popular diving spot in Luzon especially for foreigners because of its rich water abound with vibrant marine life. La Chevrerie is the latest must-see destination in Anilao that only opened nearly four months ago. Actually the resort belongs to Barangay Mabini, Batangas but the Anilao is more popular hence assumed by La Chevrerie.


‘The Goat’s Place’


Literally translating to the Goat’s place in English, La Chevrerie was a translation of the French owner’s dream. Frederic Favre, a diver dreamt of owning a place where he could let his goats roam freely and where he could one with nature, communing with the sea while enjoying a breath-taking view of the sunset.

The place is too beautiful to keep it for himself and family that paved way to the birth of La Chevrerie—“a world-class boutique resort that promises guests a seamless fusion of comfort and style, recreation and relaxation, simplicity and indulgence.”


The cottages


Unlike other resorts, La Chevrerie has limited its accommodations to just 13 rooms to maintain the tranquillity of the resort and to provide the guests with utmost privacy.

The rooms are perfectly spacious with its sleek decors representing French’s great sense of style. They are situated facing the shore enables the guests to enjoy the view of pristine waters. It is nice to sit in in the porch listening to the waves crushing against rocks.


La Brise


To resort offers 5-star spa that gives the guests the ultimate relaxation experience. La Brise employs experienced masseuses and uses deluxe and lush spa products. The spa is rested right by the waterfront to give guests a picturesque view of the sea.


La’ Atellier


It is one of the guests’ favourite spot in the resort because of its refreshing and comfy ambiance. It is a combination of rustic and modern design, offering a gastronomical treat to its guests.


The Tourists’ experience


Bryan Balatbat and his wife, Marian from Canada went home to the Philippines to spend the Yuletide season. Marian found La Chevrerie on the Internet because she was looking for a resort that doesn’t require flying or taking a boat since it was only a short break. La Chevrerie is perfect because it is only a two-hour drive from Manila assuming there is no traffic. The family had been in many summer destinations both in the Philippines and abroad. They had just been in Hawaii before they came home to the Philippines. Bryan was impressed with La Cheverie especially with the rooms. “The rooms are well-constructed, well-maintained and used quality materials.”

The couple like the other guests is just worried with few small details like the spotlights on the grass. They suggest that they should be covered because they are not safe for children. Bryan and Marian got a three-year old-son. The lights near the pool are also health and safety hazard for them. “ I agree that it could really be a cause of electrocution since it’s near the water” said Bryan. Le Chevrerie staff explained that the lights were carefully inspected before they were installed and that they have very low voltage.


While, Marian had worked in hotels so she knew pretty much what a 5-star hotel must be. “The catering still needs to be improved. Most of the food in the menu are not available” When asked if it deserves to get the five-star rating, she said, “this is not a yet five-star for me but it is above standards.”

The resort must also put a heating option for the pool because the water is so cold especially during ‘ber’ months until February. Additional Jacuzzi could be an alternative too.

Overall, the family was happy and satisfied with their short break in La Chevrerie. They said that they would strongly recommend this new summer destination in Batangas.


By Joy Mesina