Kris Aquino, proud na proud kay PNoy

Kris Aquino, proud na proud kay PNoy

Kris-AquinoKRIS AQUINO is so proud of her brother-president Noynoy Aquino and she made it known to her followers on social media. Puring-puri ni Kris si PNoy dahil para sa kanya ay malaki ang papel nito sa hindi pagkakatuloy ng pagbitay sa Pinay na si Mary Jane Veloso.

“I firmly believe that we must respect the laws of each country, and as Filipinos we will take offense when other countries will dictate upon us… But we are a God fearing, faithful nation. And He heard our collective prayer.

“And I kept quiet w/ the endless attacks against PNoy because that was his reminder to me, but today it is my right & my privilege to say, I AM PROUD of my brother. I AM PROUD OF MY PRESIDENT,” say ni Kris.

Marami man ang pumuri kay Kristeta, pero meron ding naasar sa kanyang litanya.

“I don’t understand kristeta. She always claims to have kept ‘quiet’ whenever an issue (regardless of relevance to her and her family) airs out but she goes and on about it, far beyond what most people would want to hear from her. You’ve never kept ‘quiet’, really,” say ng isang guy.

“akala yata ni kris mabubura ng kapalpakan ni Pnoy sa Mamasapano massacre ang pagligtas sa buhay ni Mary Jane. one saved life versus the fallen 44. hahaha, ayos ba?” comment naman ng isa pa.

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas