Kris Aquino, pasimpleng ipinagyabang ang mamahaling bags

Kris Aquino, pasimpleng ipinagyabang ang mamahaling bags

Kris-AquinoVERY SUBTLE ang pagyayabang ni Kris Aquino about her bags. She posted on her blog an article about bag raid in which she displayed her numerous bags, actually, hindi naman kalahati man lang ng kanyang collection for fear siguro na malait at ma-bash siya.

The article is about what’s inside Kris’s bags, the things she always bring along.

Ang nakakaloka, talagang bonggacious ang mga bag na ipinost ni Kris. She made sure na talagang kilalang brands ang kanyang ipinarada for her adoring public to enjoy.

Although she did not name her bags, easily ay mahuhulaan mong iyon ay Prada (obvious because of the tag na kitang-kita) and Hermes. Obvious na mahilig si Kris sa color because her collection came in different, vibrant colors – yellow, black, blue, orange, green, pink.

“I didn’t want to shortchange you, so included in this FASHION LOVE post are pics of my current favorite bags. Ma-abilidad kayo, so I’m sure I don’t have to write the brands or the models of the bags, for sure you know what they are, and in case you don’t, I know you’ll do your own research,” post ni Kris.

“I thought carefully and tried to balance sharing without appearing to be showing off. Hopefully you enjoyed this glimpse into some of my personal things, personal necessities, and personal favorites. Until next time, #LOVELOVELOVE,” dagdag pa niya.

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas