Kris Aquino, pahinga muna sa pagpo-post sa Instagram

Kris Aquino, pahinga muna sa pagpo-post sa Instagram

Kris-AquinoAYAW NA munang maging active ni Kris Aquino sa Instagram.

“I don’t want this feed to be a depressing one & I already said what I needed to… Ayoko rin maging plastic sa inyo & post happy pics & upbeat comments when there’s a lot of pain In me that will need time to heal… You all deserved my honesty & I needed to publicly stand stand w/ my brother who has always given me & my sons unconditional love & unwavering understanding. I’ll be back on IG soon- I’ll just focus on putting the broken pieces of me back together again,” say niya.

“It is because of our TUMULTUOUS RELATIONS that I was stupid enough to bite the hand that feeds me… I was so apprehensive about shooting MMFF w/ him that I posted my misguided feelings of hurt & directed them towards Star Cinema. And because of my impulsive move I put in jeopardy what has been almost 20 years of a solid working relationship with ABS CBN.

“My sisters & brother in law were ready to accompany me Thursday night to mend fences w/ Star Cinema, but late afternoon I was told the meeting was cancelled & there was no longer any need to talk. My family understood that it was unresolved personal issues w/ the chosen leading man that made me so indecisive & we as a family were ready to apologize, talk & hopefully work things out- sadly the door was closed,” esplika niya about her MMFF movie with Mayor Herbert na hindi natuloy.

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas