KPOP Album Review: MUST by 2PM

2PM, one of South Korea’s legendary all male boy group just released another album. Our men Junho, Chansung, Jun.K, Taecyeon, Nickhun and Wooyoung made our year just a tad bit better.

“Must” is their 12th album, recently released last June 28, 2021. Under JYP Entertainment and available for consumption through CD or digital download, their 12th album MUST has 10 tracks of pure goodness.

In this article, I will give you an honest review of all the songs and the entire album as a whole. So sit back, relax and read on.

KPOP Album Review: MUST by 2PM
2PM’s MUST album cover


It is just sixty seconds of sexy, sultry and sweet. There, I manage to put words into your, and probably majority of the fans’, thoughts. It sets the mood for the entire album and honestly entices me to listen more, listen well and enjoy the experience that is yet to come.

Make It

Make It is the song you would want to listen while chilling’, with a drink on your hand and preferably the speakers on full blast. The lyrics, can I say, is the perfect balance between flirtatious and fun. I feel like Taecyeon has been holding back for the longest time. Have you heard his deeper than Mariana Trench voice at 2:25? I’m sure you had, I bet you replayed that part a thousand times!

OK or Not


OK or Not is another great masterpiece brought to us by our love, Jun.K. In this song, it became very obvious the improvement of Taecyeon and Chansung’s vocals, to be specific, I notice the better stability in their parts, and for that, kudos to them! I would like to comment Taecyeon further by saying that his lines in this track suits him well, a mixture of balladeer voice and raspy, angsty rap that is just music to my ears, if you get what I mean.

On My Way

This is the signature 2PM song. The first few seconds of listening to it, it seems like I got transported to 2011. Equally upbeat songs such as I Was Crazy About You, Game Over and Hallucination shares the same “feel” with this song. I’m so happy that they included this in their album! Good times!



Champagne is like the dark horse single in this album. You started not to expect so much after hearing the first three songs, then suddenly it hit you – you can’t believe that you’ll like something more. This awesomeness was composed by the super talented Taecyeon, applause is needed. However, with all the glitz and glamor, can I just say that Jun.K rapping shookt the heck out of me. In a very good, good way.

The Café


The title itself gives you a promise of something to look forward to, case in point, a great love story that is about to unfold. The theme, the title, the melody and the lyrics all came together and brought about this fantastic single. Honestly I thought this could be the perfect OST to a light and romantic Korean drama. Now excuse me, I have butterflies in my stomach.

Moon & Back


Hands down, this is my personal favorite from all the wonderful goodness in the entire album. I know, it is difficult to choose as all of their singles are great in their own specific way. But with Moon & Back, it spoke to me on a deeper level. The harmonization among their honey vocals is just exquisite!

Two of Us


Two of Us ranks among their slow-paced songs, a bit of ballad and easy listening. Although the pace is slower compared to others, it is far from boring. The lyrics of the song perfectly encapsulates the budding feeling of attraction between new couples. If Taecyeon, my love, sing this to me while proposing, I would surely faint before saying “Yes, a thousand times yes.”

Hold You

A contender to my favorite Moon & Back, is easily Hold You. If romance is a song, then it could be the song Hold You. Let me disregard the vocals of our men in this short review, it is already a common knowledge that they are great. Let me highlight instead the great lyrics of this song. Could they sing an English version of this please, I will make sure it would be the song I will dance with Taecyeon on our first dance in our wedding.

“My House” (Acoustic Version)


Well, what can I say? We loved it before we still love it to this day. But, holy guacamole, I never thought they could make it better than the original one, I was waaay wrong. This version is sexier, hotter and way way better since they have improved on their vocals for years! What a great addition to the album!

What a roller coaster journey listening to this album! I am so thrilled! After five years of drought (Gentlemen’s Game was released in 2016), the wait is over. And it was so worth it! 2PM rocks!