Kim Kardashian Uses This App To Edit Her Photos

THESE DAYS, Instagram or Twitter is one of the many platforms you can use to spread your content, educate, use as an outlet for you creativity and many more. In return, people who share the same interests follow you, and that is how you get to work with advertisers and monetize your content.

This is one of the many ways Kim Kardashian earns. She skillfully develop and curate her photos to sell her merchandise or brand in general. This is how she works with most advertisers to endorse theirs.

However, it is not easy. Being a brand endorser, you have full or little control over your content. Given the chance, you are faced with numerous choices on how to market your product. Selecting the background, lay out, outfit is not easy. Most of all, you have to edit these photos using tons of apps (free or not) to give you the best quality picture to post.

Kim Kardashian Uses This App To Edit Her Photos
Kim Kardashian | IG: @KimKardashian


Here in this article, I have curated some of the photo apps that celebrities like Kim Kardashian use to make their photos truly Instagram worthy.

1.  Huji App

The Huji App is one of the many apps Kim Kardashian uses in her photos. This app allows you to filter the photo and give it a retro feel. Just like the old Kodak camera photos.

To get this app, you have to follow the directions below:

–  Download the Huji App (You can do this in both Apple and Android devices)

–  Fix the Date in the Settings. (You can put the current date or go as far back as you like. Example: 1988 to give the complete feels)

–  Take the photo

–   Develop (Not actually develop, but you have to let it buffer for a bit)

–   Go to the Lab setting to see the results

–   For more light effects, you can take more photos.

Kim Kardashian Uses This App To Edit Her Photos
Kim Kardashian | IG: @KimKardashian

2.  Adobe Light Room

One of the most downloaded and most used photo filter is the Adobe Light Room or LR. The app itself is easily navigable and of course, it is free. But if you want more professional filters and presets, you can upgrade your account for a fee and enjoy the variety of choices.   

–   Download Adobe Light Room

–   Create an Adobe account (this is for free)

–   Choose a photo you want to edit, click the little check to upload

–   You can edit using the Light, Color, Contrast, Exposure, Shadows, Whites

–    You can also change the dimensions of the photo by Cropping

–    Editing is simple and idiot proof since the filters are easily selected

3. VSCO Cam

This app has become so popular that we have associated “basic” with VSCO girl (mostly). Aside from being free, it is also versatile in terms of the editing techniques. Among the most popularly used is the Polaroid effect. To use this app, follow the instructions below:

–  Downlaod the VSCO Cam app. This is the main app you are going to edit with

–   Download the extension, HypeBeast 1 or HypeBeast2 (totally free, uses warm and cool tones. Select your pick)

–   Increase contrast (for more dramatic effect)

–   Play with other edit buttons such as Exposure, Fade, Grain  or Highlight (Blue, Green Red) – this gives you the polaroid effect

Kim Kardashian Uses This App To Edit Her Photos
Kim Kardashian | IG: @KimKardashian

So those are just the top three photo editing apps Kim Kardashian uses to produce her highly curated photos. I know it’s a lot, but this means you get to have a variety of products or photos that people would appreciate. If you are churning out hundreds if not thousands of photos in a month, then variety is the key to be in the top. Good luck choosing your own app preference!