Julia Barretto, hinahangaan sa pagiging level-headed sa ‘flop’ isyu ni Kris!

Julia Barretto, hinahangaan sa pagiging level-headed sa 'flop' isyu ni Kris!
Julia Barretto

SURE NA SURE na aabot sa second week ang pelikulang “I Love You, Hater” nina Joshua Garcia at Julia Barretto with Kris Aquino. Ang kaso, nag-iingay ngayon ang pelikula dahil sa pagpopost ni Kris na she takes all the blame kung bakit ‘disappointing’ ang box-office results ng kanyang comeback movie.

Todo na ang pageemote ni Tetay na para sa ibang tao ay hindi naman ‘flop’ ang Php 40 Million in four or five days. Given din na ang trend ngayon sa movies natin ay first few days ay mahina pero pumi-pick up tuwing weekend o kapag kumalat na ang good reviews. Idagdag na rin na hindi maayos ang panahon kaya hindi rin makalabas lahat ng JoshLia fans na mga bagets.

On the other hand, Julia Barretto handled the ‘criticisms’ about the box-office returns of the film with maturity:

An open letter— In my whole journey as an actress, more often I was doubted, I was judged, I had to deal with scrutiny from people who did not know me, who made me suffer the consequences of the mistakes I did not commit and people did not give me a chance. People did not give me the chance to make some mistakes, learn and to better myself.

Other than the fact that I love my craft, I love what I do and I feel strongly passionate about acting— I’ve always wanted to prove myself. I’ve always wanted to prove my doubters wrong. I’ve always wanted to be more than my last name. I wanted my hard work to get the credit and not my last name. I wanted to make a name for myself. “I Love You, Hater” is a film I poured my heart and soul into. I was faced with one of the biggest challenges of my life before doing this film and I don’t think I was able to really pour my heart out as Julia and took the chance with Zoey. My every heartache, the every pain I felt in my body as Julia, I used Zoey as my outlet. I wanted to speak to people as Julia through Zoey & this is why I embraced Zoey. I embraced this film. I put down my walls, I let people in and see me at my most vulnerable

Julia Barretto, hinahangaan sa pagiging level-headed sa 'flop' isyu ni Kris!
Julia Barretto, Giselle Andres, Kris Aquino and Joshua Garcia

THE TEAM of ILYH from the actors to Direk Giselle, our writers, staff & crew, Star Cinema ADPROM and ABS CBN worked sleepless nights, braved the strom and worked till our own bodies gave up on us to produce a good quality film. It’s about time they get the recognition and appreciation they deserve. 

We made a movie to add positivity to people’s lives and make them feel that they’re not alone. We are not going to allow any kind of negativity to lurk around our film

From Day 1 of our showing, Joshua and I talk about how overwhelming the feedback, appreciation and love we’ve been receiving.

Our journey has been so magical and special because we are getting the perfect amount of support… from our family, our friends, star cinema, our network & our supporters. ❤️

TRULY, at the end of the day, the Lord’s plan PREVAILS.

Julia Barretto, hinahangaan sa pagiging level-headed sa 'flop' isyu ni Kris!
Kris Aquino with JoshLia

Sa comments section ay kumuda na ang mga lovers and haters na kung bakit hindi all-out ang pagsuporta ng ABS-CBN sa promo ng movie specifically with Kris Aquino, na hindi man lang nakapag-guest sa TWBA o GGV. To the rescue agad si Julia by saying na only Kris Aquino can play the role of Madam Sasha Imperial and that the Queen of All Media didn’t ruin the movie tulad ng pinipilit niyang i-claim.

Napaiyak na lang si Kris Aquino. Dahil sa suspension of classes, ang ibang teenagers ay ngayon pa lang magkakaroon ng oras na tumambay sa mall at manood ng pelikula. Kris needs to learn from Julia, huh!