JobStreet App – How To Find Acting Jobs

FINDING JOBS is relatively easier these days. Gone are the times when you have to wait in a long line, dresses in corporate attire, clutching your CV, references, and other documents, hoping to be called for an interview.

JobStreet has been in the market for so long. Famous for being among the top job searching sites in the world, employers seeking for competent employees post their requirements and company information here. Aspiring employees on the other hand search through thousands of curated jobs for their future dream jobs.

With the JobStreet App, the grueling job hunting process becomes a lot easier. It is a hassle-free way to apply for jobs, literally at the touch of your fingertips, using your smartphone device at the comforts of your home.

JobStreet App - How To Find Acting Jobs
Photo Credit: Kyle Head


The Jobstreet App itself is very easy to use. The interface is not intimidating at all. You can easily search for jobs you want with a few chosen keywords. Or, you can even save jobs you want to apply to and get back on it when you are free.

What I personally like about this app is the filtering option. With the thousands of jobs available here, it might get overwhelming sometimes. So you can filter out other unrelated jobs or industries. This allows you to focus on what you are really searching for.

For example, you are an actor or actress with a significant amount of experience under your belt. You would want to apply for another job that would further your skills and open other opportunities for you. Here are  the things you would want to do:

1.     Create a Jobstreet Profile

Employers would want to know your qualifications at a glance. This will also allow you to self yourself easier. This process needs you to sign up with an email address, validate the email address so you could receive the job matches and alerts for possible jobs. You could start building your profile by answering questions properly and uploading a CV.

2.     Job Search

After you created a profile, you would want to start searching for a job. Here you can filter out your industry specialization. Say you can type TV actress in the search bar, or theatre actress, or commercial actress. You can play around with the keywords until you find the job that matches your needs.

JobStreet App - How To Find Acting Jobs
Jobstreet Mobile App

3.     Application

Once you found the job that you wanted to be considered for, start applying. You should select the position title of your choice (for example: actor for a coffee commercial, actress for Disneyland and etc). At the bottom part of the job advertisement, select the “Apply Now” button. After clicking, your uploaded CV, and your accomplished Jobstreet profile will be sent directly to the employer who advertised the job.


Literally took you three steps right? Easy as one, two, three as they say. However, to increase your chances of being selected and getting a call back, I suggest you accomplish the following tips:

1.     Make sure that your pop-up blocker is turned off. These adverts allow the company to earn and operate. So make sure that it is turned off.

2.     Make sure that your CV is up to date. Remember you are selling yourself. You want the company to want you. So polish your CV, make sure it is updated and highlight your acting skills.

3.     Complete your profile for an easier match. Your CV and JobStreet profile will be sent to employers. Make sure you took the time to complete all the needed information so they can match you better with good companies.

So, there you go! Finding an acting job in various fields is easy as long as you have the JobStreet App. You can be applying to these jobs while at home, or even while commuting. The possibilities are endless! Good luck job hunting!