Jim Paredes, kinuyog ng Katniel fans

Jim Paredes, kinuyog ng Katniel fans

Jim-ParedesWHEN SINGER Jim Paredes took a sarcastic swipe over reports that Daniel Padilla’s Instagram account was hacked ay marami ang nam-bash sa kanyang KathNiel fans.

“News: Daniel Padilla’s instagram account hacked! Senate pls investigate. National Security Council meeting shd be called. Checkpoints now,” Jim tweeted recently.

Stupid that they really are, KathNiel fans took it to mean that it was Jim’s affront on their idol kaya naman wagas ang panglalait nila sa APO singer.

“Namikisakay si lolo dahil di na sya napapag usapan si DJ pa ginamit para mapansin. Alam ni Lolo kung kanino kakapit para mapagusapan alam nya kasing sikat. Hahaha,” commented one obvious Daniel fan.

“That is why there is what we call National News, Local News, Showbiz News, Sports News. And well, we just have to accept that Daniel Padilla is one of the most famous actors in his time. And yes it is a big showbiz issue. I was never a fan of Daniel, but this sarcastic tweet of Jim Paredes just shows how bitter he is that Daniel is getting a lot of attention, whilst he is obviously not that known by today’s generation that well. And even during APO Hiking Society Days, he was not very famous as in famous,” explained one IDIOT KathNiel supporter.

Agad-agad naman itong sinagot ng isang fan ni Jim and said, “ang kapal nito magsabi ng hindi famous.. yes hindi sila famous. Apo is a legend, a music legend.”

But this one nailed it: “Love Jim Paredes. He’s from that generation where entertainers came from good schools and came from DE BUENA familles unlike the new ones who are breadwinners for their whole barangay. These new ones have no finesse.”

Actually, ang KathNiel fans lang naman talaga ang may pinakabalahurang comments kapag nasasaling ang idols nila. Ay, meron pa pala, ang IDIOT fans ni Marian Something who easily bash people who write something negative about their idol.

KathNiel and DongYan fans are one and the same in that they are MORONIC, IDIOTIC and do not have something in between their ears!!!

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas