James Reid, inisnab ang mga fans sa Cagayan de Oro

James Reid, inisnab ang mga fans sa Cagayan de Oro

James-ReidTILA AYAW paniwalaan ng netizens ang explanation ni James Reid kung bakit hindi siya nakasipot sa show niya sa Cagayan de Oro recently. James took to Twitter to explain his absence in the show.

“I’m sorry I’m not able to go to CDO as you know yesterday was a very busy day and last night I came down with a fever.

“I still have a very busy week ahead of me and I really need this rest. I apologize I wasn’t able to go especially to the fans who are expecting me, but I’ll find a way to make it up to you. I hope you enjoy the show. Sorry guys,” came his apology to the fans.

But the reactions of people on social media were harsh. One said it was because of “Too much partying” while another said, “May kasamang chic lang yan.”

“Yeye!!! Whatever James!!! Just admit it you don’t get a heart for your fans!!! All you care about is to make money so you can party!!! I am not buying your senseless drama!!! Such a selfish soul!!!” tili naman ng isang imbiyerna kay James.

“wala pa akong narinig na artistang sikat di nakapunta because of fever..kasi fever lang yan buti sana kung na admit ka sa hospital o na dengue ka..tsk tsk tsk,” say naman ng isa pa.

Well, one fan defended the actor and said, “I think James is having a lie low on partying. 14th was such a busy day for them from TV shows to mall tours. Nagpakita naman siya ng video sa mga fans nea sa CDO and Nadine also took a video from the fans para maipakita nea kay james.”

Bakit mo nga ba inisnab ang mga CDO fans mo, James?

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas