Itinakwil na raw ng pamilya
Gretchen Barretto, dapat nang magpalit ng apelyido

<i>Itinakwil na raw ng pamilya</i><br>Gretchen Barretto, dapat nang magpalit ng apelyido

<i>Itinakwil na raw ng pamilya</i><br>Gretchen Barretto, dapat nang magpalit ng apelyidoSNOBBERY SEEMS something innate in Gretchen Barretto.

Merong post-Cinemalaya incident kaming nabalitaan na inisnab ni La Greta ang ilang estudyanteng gustong magpa-picture kasama siya at gustong magpa-autograph sa kanya.

Gretchen doesn’t seem very tired noon so she can’t use the excuse na pagod na siya. She was beautifully dolled up that evening and she was indeed resplendent.

But more than her beautiful facade that night seemingly lurks a snobbish persona which she unleashed to the many students who patiently waited for her appearance hoping that they can have a least a photo with her.

Marami raw nadismayang estudyante nang biglang magbabu ang beauty ni La Greta at hindi sila pinansin. Disgusted, the students learned siguro na not all celebrities are accommodating to fans.

Maybe, nasira ang mood ni La Greta when, during an interview, ay itinanong sa kanya ang tungkol sa away ng former couple na sina Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago.

Obviously miffed by the question, Gretchen wailed, “Bakit, ano’ng pakialam ninyo sa pamilya namin? Kung natatandaan n’yo po, tinakwil na po ako. So in other words, wala na kayong karapatan (na) tanungin ako tungkol sa Barretto because I’m not part of that family anymore.”

For somebody who exudes class – only because she wears fabulous designer clothes, clutches to-die-for designer bags, and wears pricey shoes – Gretchen is somebody who is bereft of elegance.

While she is exceedingly beautiful outside, her outside demeanor betrays her façade. Parang palagi siyang nanghihingi ng atensyon sa kanyang one-liners, as if she’s always being attacked. Her style is one who courts controversy and happily enjoys every minute of it.

Come to think of it, a classier respond should be one of tactfulness. She could have chosen a better answer but she didn’t, all, probably, in the name of controversy.

We felt that La Greta is just an attention-seeking STARLET who has long seen better days. This hamonadong actress thrives on intrigues and she probably loves it.

Since you said that you’re no longer part of the Barretto family, then the next logical thing to do is to drop Barretto in your name. Only when you do it will you have a sense in your mundane existence in showbiz.

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas