Interview With Giampaolo Lomi (Part 2)

Interview With Giampaolo Lomi (Part 2)

Giam-PaoloISANG NAPAKALAKING karangalan na makilala at maging kaibigan ang pamosong Italyanong writer at director na si Giampaolo Lomi. Siya ay ipinanganak noong ika-4 ng Pebrero, 1930 at katulad kong Aquarius. Narito ang ikalawang bahagi ng aking panayam sa kanya.

“The reason why I came here the first time was because I was invited in 1973 for Miss Universe contest. And then I was directing films and produce. The production I would work with, they wanted me to make a documentary about a famous faith healer which at that time was very much famous because people moving in from Europe, Italy to coming here to get healed by the faith healer. We took chance in doing the documentary as it was happening here in the contest of Miss Universe. So lots of people from Europe including the son of our former king, and lots of friends in Italy came. So, we made that sort of documentary about the faith healer. And then the look and the Manila time as far as the society was concerned. The First Lady then, Imelda Marcos ,was doing a lot of activity, lots of programs like the International Film Festival.

“Then, I came back to Europe, after which I came here after invitation of Ambassador Tantoco to develop an idea of creating an international movie film in Manila. So, I was told by Mrs. Marcos and I founded the idea very new because as I told you before that festival has a precise meaning to increase the production, the selling of the production, and to make interest linger and patient, they do and call actors, they do some receptions and come to Cannes Film Festival. So, we made this film festival that inaugurate in 1983 and it had been at the Film Center of the Philippines. What they did was, they did it at PICC. It was a success as we invited lots of people from all over the world and it went through until the Marcoses left the Philippines. And so the festival collapsed.

“And I went to Italy in 1981 and coming here in 7th time, and then the festival goes ahead by itself,” Giampolo added.

From then on, you haven’t been back in the Philippines for similar events?

“No more, because I have to do my things in Italy, the festival was a success here in the Philippines but it finished with the finish of the government of Marcos. They shut down and I don’t know if they revive the idea of the festival.”


Personal Life


“I went to Brazil with a friend, we wanted to escape into a new world in a way, so we did not go to United States, and we went to Brazil. I think it was a fantastic country. It happened that I met a girl who is a Jewish pianist, born in Brazil, so is a Brazilian. And she was very nice. And after, we make… love, heheheh! And she got pregnant. And the bigger problem is I was 24. And then, I told her, you play piano very well, but I cannot marry you. I don’t want to get married at 24. I only wanted to discover the new world. I want to be free. It was strictly prohibited, abortion at that time because Brazil is a Catholic country. And then she found a solution and she told me, “Look, I have a man who is older than you, four years older than you who likes me very much. He wanted to marry me, he knows that I’m pregnant”. I agree to what she said and I said don’t worry. She said that he has a condition because we have to split off and I said it’s ok. And I thank God and said that it happened that way. And now the boy, now the man is already 50.”

Does he look like you?

“I don’t know. Hahah! So know, I understand that the story of father, son and mother is valid only when you live together because if you don’t, you would not feel anything. I adopted one Filipino but he recently passed away.”


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