Ice Seguerra aminadong wala nang ganang kumanta

Leo Bukas

EXCITED ang singer na si Ice Seguerra sa pagsalubong ng taong 2021 at hindi raw niya papayagang manaig sa kanya ang nararamdamang depresyon na nagsimula nung 2019 hanggang magkaroon nna ng pandemya dahil sa covid-19.

Aniya,  “As someone who has depression and anxiety, that says a lot of things. It means I am finally feeling things. Irritability, sadness—yes. But more than anything, I feel happiness and joy! For the longest time, I have just been cruising steadily. Pero yun lang yun. Steady pero walang passion.”

Ice Seguerra aminadong wala nang ganang kumanta
Ice Seguerra

Amindo rin si Ice na dahil sa anxiety ay nawalan na siya nang ganang kumanta at mag-peform.

“Dumating sa point na kahit pagkanta, wala na akong gana. That’s a big thing because singing is not just a job; it’s how I express myself, how I connect with people, how I heal myself. Singing is my freedom. Iyan ang depression.

“It just doesn’t make us sad or lonely. Pinapatay niya kung sino ka and the very thing that make us want to live. Depression kills your passion. It kills your soul. So yeah, I was there. But not anymore. For now,” lahad niya.

Ngayon taon Ice is looking forward to devoting more of her time for the arts and enjoy life surrounded by loved ones.

“For now, I am finally enjoying life! Enjoying the big and small things life has to offer. Bumalik ako sa diving (yey), excited to train and hopefully join shooting competitions again, write songs, enjoy conversations with my family and friends, and random people who make sense. To sing and play my guitar, to direct films, plays, concerts, and mount events, to create and to produce music, maybe even act again.

“I can’t wait to do these things! I may be introverted, but my passion is connection. Connecting not merely by speaking but wanting all of you to see what’s inside my heart, through the songs I play and sing, words and music that I write, the concerts or shows I direct, films I hope to make, characters I would want to portray. After all the things I’ve been through, I finally know who I am. And I am excited,” pahayag ni Ice