How to Watch The Witcher on Smartphone

THE WITCHER is probably (if not) one of the hottest series these days – both national and international. Starring the gorgeous Henry Cavill, also known for his role as Super Man in the DC universe, it is not surprising that it caught the attention of many audiences.

But beyond that, The Witcher has captivated the audiences both young and old alike due to its gripping plot, fascinating characters and among many things, extremely impressive visuals.

The Witcher is actually based on a book series by the author Andrzej Sapkowski. It stars the dashing Henry Cavill where he plays the main protagonist – Geralt of Rivia. It shows his adventures, being one of the last witchers left. Basically he is very skilled in monster slaying and he does this as his profession.  

How to Watch The Witcher on Smartphone
The Witcher

The show also unfolds the escapade of fellow protagonist Princess Ciri or commonly known as Ciri, played by the talented British actress Freya Allan. What I personally like about this series is that it portrays monsters as monsters. But shows more evil monsters, wicked, conniving, cunning and deadlier beings, as humans. Sort of makes you think huh?

I know it is easy to be entranced by the storyline (not to mention Cavill’s abs), so I prepared a step by step guide on how you can enjoy your favorite series while on the go (or anywhere really).


Being the official network of The Witcher series, through Netflix is possibly the most hassle free way to watch it. If you have the subscription, you can follow these easy steps.

1.     Open the Netflix App in your smartphone.

2.     Type The Witcher in the search bar.

3.     Press Enter

4.     Choose The Witcher in the results

5.     Once you selected the series, you are presented with the episodes in chronological option.

You have the choice to download it, to save your mobile data in case you want to watch it on the go. Or just stream it as it is, preferably using a Wifi connection.

What if you don’t have Netflix Subscription?

The Witcher is a Netflix Original series. This means it is only legally streamed through this platform. However, you can still watch it by taking advantage of the 30-day free trial offer. To do this, follow these steps.

1.     Go to

2.     Select your plan preference and payment option

3.     Next, fill in your details such as your email address

4.     Set your password of choice. Make sure you remember it.

5.     Start watching!

How to Watch The Witcher on Smartphone

If you are really eager to watch The Witcher, it is very easy to stream using the Netflix app. Just download the app, sign up for free trial (if you still don’t have the subscription) and viola! All 8 episodes of The Witcher’s first season are at your fingertips (or your phone screen!).

Because of the really popular series and its massive success across the globe, Netflix has also revealed that Season 2 of The Witcher will be available for release by next year. The filming for the next season was scheduled for the early months of this year.

A tip to truly enjoy watching The Witcher (or any series for that matter), always always bring a headphone. If you prefer Bluetooth, go for it.  If you prefer the messy wires, I won’t stop you. But the most important part is you have earphones or headphones.
This way, you can truly enjoy the amazing conversations and lines between the characters and at the same time, not be a nuisance to other people around you with your phone noise. Enjoy!