How to Watch Stranger Things on Smartphone

I SWEAR, these days, I could not go around the city without the sight of anything Stranger Things related coming my way. It is simply everywhere! From Instagram ads, Facebook ads to Youtube, this Netflix original has conquered the world in a storm!

Another television series released on Netflix, Stranger Things is science fiction at its best. No wonder many people are hooked on this currently 3 season show. In fact, they are already gearing up for the fourth season.

Season 4 is currently in production. Although there has been no official announcement when it will be released. Originally the production aimed to release Season 4 in early 2021.

How to Watch Stranger Things on Smartphone
A scene from ‘Stranger Things’

The story starts in a small, quiet town. The disappearance of a young boy disturbed the peace and quiet of a rather ordinary town. To get him back, his mother, brother, friends, and even the police set on a roller coaster adventure in the quest to bring him back.

Unknowingly, this search for the young boy had sparked a series of supernatural events. These extraordinary mysteries had led one thing to another which includes supernatural forces and classified experiments by the government.

Their adventures (or misadventures)  all took an unusual turn when suddenly, out of nowhere, a little girl with a shaved head enters the story.

If you are not already hooked on Stranger Things (with the summary I wrote above, I bet you will definitely be), you can watch it on any smartphone or tablet on the go or anywhere you want, really.

Since it is a Netflix original, you can enjoy streaming all 3 seasons using the ever-popular and reliable, Netflix App.  


Like watching popular series such as The Witcher, Kingdom, and any other international series (Korean drama fans I see you!), Stranger Things is legally streamed through Netflix. You can easily enjoy the series hassle-free using the below, step by step instructions on Netflix.

1.     Open the Netflix App on your smartphone.

2.     In the search bar, type Stranger Things

3.     Press Enter

4.     Select Stranger Things

5.     You can view all the episodes by selecting the Season of your preference.

How to Download Episodes on Your Smartphone

You can easily enjoy watching Stranger Things without necessarily burning all you allocated (and oh so precious) mobile data. To watch without worry and stress, you may continue the above steps using the following steps below.

1.     Select Stranger Things Season of choice (1 to 3)

2.     On the right side of each episode is a down arrow.

3.     Click this arrow to download the episode of your choice.

4.     Wait for it to finish downloading.

5.     Tada! You can now enjoy watching it!

How to Watch Stranger Things on Smartphone
‘Stranger Things’ Official Poster for Season 2

How to Free up Phone Space for Stranger Things Episodes

Make sure that you have enough mobile space to accommodate all the episodes you will be downloading. If not, I suggest the following steps to enjoy watching hassle-free.

1.   Free up some space in your phone by deleting unused apps

2.   Or you can back up photos and finally delete them

3.   Delete the songs you never really listen to (there will be a lot for sure!)

4.   Limit the number of episodes you will be downloading. (Two or three should be fine, any way you can always download more if your commute is longer, or you anticipate heavier traffic)

5.   Delete the episodes that you have already watched (this allows you to free up your smartphone space and then download new ones!)


There you go! With these instructions, you can easily watch the American science-fiction television series that rocked the entire world. Easy breezy, is it not? ‘Stranger Things’ remains as one of the most loved Netflix series as we write this so don’t miss out!