How To Stream Music on Smartphone

Music streaming is simply listening to music online, via devices such as phones, computers or tablets. For streaming using a smartphone, whether you are using an Android or Apple product, there are many ways you can enjoy your music.

But first, you have to consider some things. One, what type of music do you want to listen to? Is it just your favorite artist? Or are you willing to listen and discover other music genres and albums as well?  

Second, where do you want to listen to this music? Are you the type that needs music streaming on the go such as during travel or running? Or do you prefer to listen to music at the comforts of your home? Finally, if you enjoy streaming music, how much is your budget for it?

How To Stream Music on Smartphone
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Music streaming ranges from free to monthly subscriptions. Of course there are a lot of differences too. For free music subscription, you may have to endure listening to ads which may interrupt your listening pleasure. For paid music, it gives you a vast variety of choices to listen to, may recommend you related music, genre or artists to listen to and of course, no pesky advertisements that interrupts your enjoyment.

So if you have answered these essential questions, let me run you through the basics.

1.   Connect your earphones to your smartphones. (For  Bluetooth earphones, make sure your earphones are paired with your device.

2.   Open your preferred streaming app.

3.   Select music/artist/playlist.

4.   Enjoy!

Seriously, it is that easy! As for some of the best options you can have in music streaming with your smartphone, I have compiled the commonly used apps which includes those which are free and those with paid subscription.

1. Spotify

A good number of music streamers use Spotify to listen to music. It is purely music as compared to other streaming apps. What I like most about Spotify is they give me spot on recommendations of artists and music that I, most of the time, like. You can also save entire albums and listen to them offline (if you have downloaded them). Their recommended playlist is also quite enjoyable. And finally, you can also listen to your friends’ playslist, a very social music streaming app this is!

2.  Apple Music

Unlike Spotify, Apple Music is a paid subscription. Although I can tell you that it is among the easiest to navigate in terms of the app interface.  While Apple Music is only limited to Apple products, this app comes with live radio stations so you could tune in to your favorite station while stuck in traffic.

3. Youtube Music

Just like the other two discussed above, you can select playlists, songs or genre with Youtube’s Music App. You can also go listen offline by downloading and customizing your own mix tape. What makes Youtube Music a step higher than the others is that you can also download videos – both SD and HD to your smartphone. Of course subject to space availability! With this app, you can choose the maximum number of songs saved too!

4. SoundCloud

Soundcloud is catered to those who listen to both mainstream and non mainstream artists. In this app, you can also listen to other people’s music creation, which is really interesting. So if you are the type who wants to go big or go home in exploring the wonderful world of music – beyond borders and genres, I suggest use the SoundCloud app.

Those are the basics in the world of music streaming in smartphones. You can choose from the modes of listening to music and the apps that would fit your tastes and needs perfectly. Good luck and let the good music roll!