How To Send WhatsApp Messages Without Internet


WhatsApp has been one of the leading choice of communication among the young and old. Perhaps it is even the most popular messaging service all over the world. Approximately 2 billion people uses the app worldwide.

What is not to like about WhatsApp? You can make international and local calls or video calls, send messages, photos for absolutely free. As long as you have an internet connection, may it be from a router or your cellular data, you can use WhatsApp whenever, wherever.

How To Send WhatsApp Messages Without Internet
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But what if unfortunate events happen? You are underground on a train and your cellular service gets temporary cut off. Or your internet provide gets crazy and cuts your connection for some time. Or you are travelling on a boat, transferring to an island on a vacation.  How will you be able to send your messages now? How are you to call your loved ones abroad without amassing massive bills in your phone network?

Fear not, I am here to help you out. WhatsApp has finally allowed sending messages without internet. This feature of the WhatsApp app has been available to Android users for a long time. Recently, it has been updated to include iPhone users as well.


Sending WhatsApp messages is easy and straight forward. You don’t have to do anything new since the updated app already does all the work for you. No extra process and steps for your convenience. To know the process, here it goes:

1.     In places where there is no internet connection or your cellular data is not properly working, just use your WhatsApp like you would normally do.

2.     Open the App and select the person you would want to send a message to.

3.     Type in your message or attach the files you needed to send such as photos or video.

4.     Click enter.

5.     You can see that your message (or your photos or videos) was sent, as these will appear in the screen.  

6.     However, since you have no internet connection, the message does not automatically leave your phone. It stays on your phone so you don’t have to retype your message or reattach your files.

7.     To verify this, there will be a grey clock icon beside your message.

8.     Your messages will be automatically delivered to your contact once internet connection is resumed.

9.     From the grey clock icon on the right side of your message, it will be changed to two grey checks icon. This means that your pending messages are finally delivered.

10.  As always, when your messages are read or delivered, it will have two blue checks on the right side of the messages.

This feature of course does not end there. The upgrade version of WhatsApp also offers you available options and alternatives. Here are some of the helpful things and options you could remember in sending WhatsApp without internet:

1.     You can send more than one message even without internet connection.

2.     You also can send multiple messages even to different contacts.

3.     You can also send multiple messages and attach multiple photos or videos to group chats.

4.     Finally, you can queue up you WhatsApp messages while offline and these messages will be send once the internet connection is back.

Now you can see why WhatsApp is one of the leading choice of messaging service worldwide. It provides you with flexibility and a lot of useful options and upgrades, all of which are very much needed features particularly in the fast paced world. If your connection to the internet is erratic, you don’t have to worry in terms of sending your messages out. WhatsApp definitely got you covered.