How To Get Your Name Out There On YouTube

EITHER YOU have finally decided to start your own YouTube channel or you already have started but want to have the traction to push your channel among the popular leagues, this article was written exactly for you.

These days, we have been seeing the surge of movie actors and actresses creating and building their own YouTube followers. Since it gives people a flexible platform that reaches millions, YouTube is a guaranteed money earning alternative, if and only if you do it well.

That is why we have seen the stream of celebrities or influencers who have been made popular by social media platforms such as YouTube.

How To Get Your Name Out There On YouTube
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But how do they exactly do it? Have you been wondering how they manage their posts, choose their topics, and get millions of subscribers online? They do get paid in accordance with the number of views of subscribers they have.

Here is a list that I have compiled to get your name out in the YouTube world. Of course, these are tried and tested ways that you can make your channel known. At the end of the day, it depends on you how to strategize to make your channel popular.

1.  Keywords are vital

You have to know what your viewers want, what they are interested in. If you have your target market, then you can focus on selecting the keywords that will catch the attention of your viewers.

So you are focusing on helping people with organizing their homes, or you are a pastry chef wanting to spread the easy ways to bake, maybe start with catchy and useful phrases such as “how to” or “tutorial on xxx”. This way, people will easily find your videos and appreciate the content you worked so hard on.

2.  Make the thumbnails interesting

You have to attract your viewers. With the millions of videos out there, you have to make sure that your work stands out. One way would be using a very interesting thumbnail. You can use stock photos, or use a screencap of the video that is most interesting. Just make sure that it catches the attention of your viewers.

3.  Titles, Titles, Titles

Even though you have very helpful and interesting videos, it would not matter if you do not know how to market your work well. Therefore, you should name it well. And I meant it should be concise (not wordy), simple (do not use complicated words), witty (remember to catch their attention), and of course, informative (what is it all about).

4.  Quality over Quantity

Since your goal is to create a name in the world of Youtube, you better make sure that it is of a good impression. You want to be remembered for something good, something that contributed real value and information that actually helped people. This means, that you should focus on the quality and the content of your videos.

How To Get Your Name Out There On YouTube
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A lot of people forget this. YouTubers upload as much as a video per day in order to get recognized. In the end, they sacrifice the quality to produce more. This is detrimental in the long run.

Even though you only produce one video per week, your viewers would still continue to patronize you because of your works’ content. It shows with the careful video editing, voice-over work, transition, and all video terms you can think of.

So those are just a few tips – simple yet powerful, you can follow to have your name out there. Of course, you can combine it with other tips and suggestions you can find on the web. But all I can say is that you don’t have to break a bank or focus on extravagant production, all you have to do is prioritize these useful but proven to be effective tips. Good luck!