How To Get Star Treatment With an EastWest Platinum Card – Celeb-Worthy Perks & How To Apply

Having a credit card these days offers a lot of practicalities. Everything from utility bills to subscriptions to concert tickets to flight tickets and everyday expenditures could be charged to your card in a swipe or tap.

Most people say that getting a credit card is difficult. This is because there are a lot of documents to gather. But come to think of it, you only have to do the work once and most of the documents are already readily available anyway. Just basic identification details and employment or income evidence and you are good.

One of the best credit cards to get is the EastWest Platinum Credit Card. It offers amazing perks here and abroad. Aside from the daily convenience it gives you, having this card allows you to experience comfort while travelling abroad as well.

How To Get Star Treatment With an EastWest Platinum Card - Celeb-Worthy Perks & How To Apply
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Perks of the Card

Here are some of the celebrity worthy perks that you get as an EastWest Platinum Credit Card holder.

1. The EastWest Platinum Card offers lifetime membership. Yes you heard it right. 

2. Cardholders are offered free comprehensive travel accident and inconvenience insurance up to PhP20 million. This automatically applies to you if, and only if, you purchased your travel tickets using the same credit card.

3. The EastWest Platinum credit card is accepted anywhere in the Philippines. It is also accepted worldwide as long as Visa is accepted.

4. Contactless technology allows you to have a peace of mind in using this. This means you can easily settle your payment by payWave or tap and go. No more pushing your personal pin and getting paranoid if people are watching!

5. The cash advance option allows you to avail up to 70% of your cash advance limit as long as it is done in any EastWest ATM, over the counter at any EastWest store or any ATM that displays the Visa logo.

How To Get Star Treatment With an EastWest Platinum Card - Celeb-Worthy Perks & How To Apply
EastWest Bank Platinum 

How to Apply

You get to experience the above perks (and more) easily! All you have to do is follow these steps together with the basic requirements.

  1. Application Form, completely filled out with the correct information.

2. Photocopy of Any of these IDS: Driver’s License, Passport, Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID, SSS ID, BIR ID). Make sure it has a photo of you and your signature.

Also, this is an easy step-by-step procedure for applying.

1. Go to the their website and fill the application form. The link could be found here,

2. If you don’t have access to their online form, you can drop by an EastWest branch and ask for a physical form.

3. After completing the form, make sure to gather the supplementary documents needed.

These vary depending on if you are employed, self-employed or a local resident foreigner. For the complete list, check

4. The other requirements are: Minimum monthly income of PhP150,000; Principal cardholder must be between 21-65 years old; Applicants must be a Filipino Citizen (If not, then a local resident foreigner) and you should have either a residence landline or a mobile phone number.

5. The application processing varies between 10 to 15 banking days. Remember that the documents you have submitted in relation to your application will not be returned.

Rates and Fees

You’ll be thrilled to know that there are absolutely no annual fees associated with this card. However, there is an interest charge of 2.75% per month. For cash advances, there is a fee of 3% of the cash advance amount or Php600, whichever is higher.

If you make a late payment, you will owe 8% of the Minimum Payment Due. There is also an over limit fee of Php500. In addition, you will have to pay a 1.70% fee when making transactions ina foreign currency.

How to Contact the Bank

If you would like to reach the bank by phone, you can call (+632) 8888-1700. Additionally, you can find their main office at The Beaufort, 5th Avenue corner 23rd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 1634. 


There it is! All the things you needed to know in considering the EastWest Platinum credit card as your possible credit card choice. Although I have researched many credit cards and their perks in the market, I think this is among the top choices in terms of benefits, perks, accessibility, and coverage.

If you think about it, you don’t need a lot of credit cards. You only need one really good one. Is this that one for you?

Disclaimer: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit products. Ensure you consult the bank’s terms and conditions page before agreeing to anything.