How To Get Star Treatment With an BDO Diners Club Premiere Card – Celeb-Worthy Perks & How To Apply

Banco De Oro or BDO has been one of the most stable and accredited local banks in the Philippines. Their banking performance over the years had earned them multiple awards and recognition from various financial sectors.

Thus, any card from them, may it be debit or credit card, speaks volumes. One of their premiere offerings is the BDO Diners Club Premier credit card.

This card is one of the most coveted offers due to the vast range of benefits it offers its holders. To name some, here are the celeb worthy perks you can get while having the BDO Diners Club Premier credit card.

How To Get Star Treatment With an BDO Diners Club Premiere Card - Celeb-Worthy Perks & How To Apply
BDO celebrity endorser Xian Lim holding his BDO Diners Club Premier card

1. Easy Installment Plans

They offer various monthly installment payments for your purchases. Select payment times from 3 to up to 36 months payment at absolutely zero interest.

2.  Automatic Charge

You can pre-program your account to automatically pay various dues. You don’t have to line up to billing counters or log in every month to pay for utilities. This card offers you the ability to pay multiple bills with various due dates. 

3. Airport Lounge Access

With this card, you are entitled to the use of various airport lounges all over the world. This is applicable for both the Primary and Supplementary cardholders. So, you don’t have to worry about long layovers. In fact, cardholders may look forward to them. 

4. Free Travel Insurance

Up to 20 million pesos worth of travel accident and inconvenience insurance is up for grabs for the primary and supplementary cardholders and their immediate family members.

As long as you charge your airline and other transport tickets in your BDO Diners Club Premier credit card, you and your family are insured automatically!

5. Dual Currency Billing Option

You can easily select the option of having two billing statements for your convenience. Local transactions are charged in pesos while international transactions will be charged in US dollars.

Application Requirements

The basic requirements for the application are the following.

1.  Age of the applicant must be between 21-70. The supplementary cardholders must be 13 years old and above.

2.  A landline number is required.

3.  Citizenship must be Filipino. For foreign applicants, they should have been a permanent resident in the Philippines for the last two years

4. Likewise, regular employment is mandatory. For those who are self-employed, their business/es should have been operating for the last two years.

5. The applicant’s residence or official office address should be within areas where a BDO branch is located.

6. The minimum gross annual income should be a million pesos.

The application process is simple and pretty much straight forward. Here, I have outlined the requirements for each type of applicant: whether you have existing credit cards, those who have no existing credit cards, and for foreigners.

For those who have existing credit cards, these are the needed requirements: credit card charge slip, photocopy of the credit card, valid IDs, and latest BIR form 2316.

For those who have no existing credit cards, applicants should provide proof of income, and proof of identifications.

Foreigners who wanted to apply will need to provide a copy of their employment contract, a letter from their respective embassy (for embassy officials), and a photocopy of any of the documents – valid passport with residence visa, work permit, ACR, ICR, or ACR-1.

How to Apply

1. Fill out the Application form. For manual filling up, you can print and download the form here.

2. Or you can also apply online using the link: BDO Credit Card Online Application Form – Home

3. After submitting your form online or to any BDO branches near you, you have to wait between 10-15 business working days for your application to be processed.

Rates and Fees

Note that the principal membership fee is at Php 4,500 and supplementary at Php 2,500. In addition, the monthly interest rate is 3.25%.

There is also a cash advance fee of 5% of the amount withdrawn or P500 / US$10, whichever is higher. Further, the late payment charge is 7% of the overdue amount.

When you make foreign transactions, you will have to pay an assessment fee of 1% plus a service fee of 1.5%.

How To Get Star Treatment With an BDO Diners Club Premiere Card - Celeb-Worthy Perks & How To Apply
Image source: The Jerny

How to Contact the Bank

To contact the bank about this offer, you can call 1800-10-631-8000. You can also find their head address at 7899 Makati Avenue Makati City 0726, Philippines.


There you have it. I covered the celeb-worthy benefits cardholders get with the BDO Diners Club Premier credit card and the simple no-brainer application process that goes with it.

Enjoy celeb worthy perks, without experiencing the pressure and stress of being a celebrity!

Disclaimer: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit products. Ensure you consult the bank’s terms and conditions page before agreeing to anything.