How To Get Scouted As a Model?

IN THE WORLD of advertisements, strong winds of change had come buy and changed the rather rigid structures of modeling. I have noticed that compared to the previous decades, models these days vary in many different ways.

The world is now more accepting of models from different backgrounds, colors, sizes, sexuality among many things. I have observed that previously only stick-thin lanky white models walk international runway shows and are featured in the front pages of magazines. Black models such as Naomi Campbell were a rarity before.

But these days, modeling became an attainable dream for anybody. The world of fashion and advertisement opened its arms to high caliber models such as Ashley Graham, Chantelle Brown-Young, Shaun Ross, Alex Minsky and Carmen Dell’Orefice all outside the norm of what a “model” should be.

How to Be a Model

Since the world has been continuously defining and redefining the modeling career, what exactly do you have to be scouted as a model? What are the qualifications that scouts consider in searching for the next big one?

This article compiles the list of things that you should consider if you want to work in the industry. Based on interviews and real-life experience, here are some of the things to contemplate on before strutting that pose.

1. Information is power

This means the more you know, the more it is to your advantage. Scouts normally linger in places you would never think they would be – malls, airports, tourist spots. Make sure you’d be where they are at the right place and at the right time.

2. Since you know where they will be, dress to impress

Do not wear baggy torn clothes. Wear clothes that accentuate your figure – not overly tight, yet not improperly fitting.

3. Show your natural beauty

Do not cover your face with thick heavy makeup. Show your face in its regular splendor. If you have to wear makeup, then use it to highlight your features – not to hide it.

4.  Aside from having the looks, scouts also consider your attitude

The modeling world is difficult and exhausting, and it involves working with a lot of different professionals in a high-pressure environment. Your attitude towards things also matter. They don’t want a diva they would have to please daily, they want someone who they could work with without the additional dead weight.

5. Consider your age

Of course, you’d want to start young to build experience. But just like young models, you have to have your parents with you in case of casting calls, especially if you are under 16.

How To Get Scouted As a Model?
Noemi Campbell in British Vogue

6.  Apart from hoping to be scouted in person, you can also easily apply to reputable modeling agencies. This involves sending applications and photos to their websites. It may take a lot of work, but it is easier than being in the actual location where the scouts linger.

7.   People these days, aside from applying to websites, use social media platforms to get scouted

They carefully curate their Instagram feed with professional photos. (and proper hashtags) to get the attention of top modeling agencies. Use this free platform as your advantage.

8. Finally, if you already set up your social media, it would not hurt to direct message these agencies

Some, in fact, prefer that you message them first. By establishing a contact, you are letting them know that you are serious, and ready for business.

Although these are just 8 tips on how to get scouted as a model, there are numerous ways you can strut your stuff and get the attention of these modeling agencies. As of now, start with the little things and slowly but gradually build your portfolio. In time, the right agencies will notice you and will give you the break of a lifetime!