How To Get On TV

Are you one of those people whose dreams is getting on TV? Do you ever envision yourself on the television, doing outstanding work by touching the lives of the millions who watch you? If being in the limelight is your dream, then this article is for you.

Growing up watching television, I know the huge impact it can bring upon us viewers. From watching television shows, we start to see other worlds different from ours. We start to learn new things daily, we get to be informed, entertained and overall, it develops us in many creative and positive ways.

It is also a medium in which we can express our creativity and talents. For singers and dancers, it is their form of entertaining those who watch them. It could also be a medium of self-expression for professional actors and actresses. 

How To Get On TV
Megan Young and Katrina Halili both appeared in Starstruck before becoming popular TV actresses.

Getting on TV comes in many forms. I have compiled the most common ways of getting on TV. Surprisingly, there are many ways. Read on and identify where you and your talent fit.

1. Reality TV

A lot of big stars now had their start by auditioning and appearing in big reality TV shows such as Pinoy Big Brother and Survivor Philippines. Although most winners did reach the stardom that they dreamt of, even non-winners or runner ups used the media exposure as leverage to grow their careers in TV.

All you have to do is to monitor the show or networks’ website and social media and watch out for auditions and casting calls. From there, participate in these calls and make sure you leave a good impression! 

How To Get On TV
Most Pinoy Big Brothers (PBB) Grand Winners became celebrities in their own right.

2. Talent Shows

In the Philippines, talent shows are huge events on their own. We are known as the country of good singers, and I couldn’t agree more. Every year, talent shows catapult aspiring singers or dancers to stardom.

Shows such as Tawag ng Tanghalan, The Voice Philippines and The X Factor Philippines have built the careers of KZ Tandingan, Jason Dy and Mitoy Yonting. There will be casting calls and a lot of competitors during auditions. So make sure you have a lot of patience and give them your best shot!

 3. Acting Jobs

Talent management or agencies scout up and coming actors and actresses yearly. These agencies sign their talents and have them go to a series of workshops to hone their skills and develop them for future movie or TV roles.

Usually, artists find their breakthrough television shows by starting in small supporting roles and working their way up to the top. You can start by going to talent managements’ website and creating your portfolio. You can also contact them and ask for more information regarding auditions and signing up with their agencies.

4. News Anchors/Reporters

You can also get into TV by being a news reporter or a news anchor. It starts with applying for a job at a news-based television channel as a television journalist. These mainly cover on-the-spot news coverage as compared to the news anchors or readers who are based on the home network. Either way, it is one sure chance to start your career in TV.

5. Commercial Endorsers

How To Get On TV
Toni Gonzaga was noticed after appearing in the ‘I Love You, Piolo!’ commercial for Sprite

Some artist get their big breakthrough appearing in major commercials. Artists such as Toni Gonzaga in her famous Sprite commercial and Isabel Oli with Max’s became famous household names after these projects. Of course, it involves going through auditions and VTR testings. But regardless of these difficulties, it would surely pay off once you land your first commercial job!


Those methods cover the most common ways of getting on TV. Of course, these are only some full-proof ways and there are many others. The most important points to remember is to always find opportunities. Keep knocking on doors, and the TV limelight will find you one day!