How To Get More YouTube Subscribers

THERE ARE a lot of YouTubers and aspiring YouTubers these days. The good thing about being a Youtuber is that you get to work on your creative side without the limitations of an agency. You can also do your own editing to match your own style or brand. You can work on any content that you are passionate about.

However, being a Youtuber is also risky. Your income is dependent on your views, and the number of subscribers. This means, the more you have subscribers, the more you can monetize your videos.

Here is a list of recommendations for aspiring and already Youtubers. These tips are sure to help you get more subscribers, and eventually retain them. Read it thoroughly and think about what you needed to do more.

How To Get More YouTube Subscribers
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Power Playlists

You know how to make a mix tape or maybe a regular playlist. This is similar to that. Instead or organizing video contents via topic or theme, organize the playlist by outcome. So if you decide to tackle on an improved outcome, you can work on several power playlists.

Say for example, I want to increase my productivity daily. I will make a power playlist under the proposed titles below:

1.     How to Wake Up at 5AM and Stick with It

2.     Daily Productivity Routine that Makes the Most of The Day

3.     Planning The Entire Week To Increase Productivity

4.     Achieving Your Goals Week By Week

5.     Saving Tips That Would Guarantee Increased Disposable Income by The Week


It doesn’t only have to be productivity. You can work on opening a bake shop, losing weight, slowly changing from a full time job to a part time job, increasing your social skills. The possibilities are endless. The point is just if you have a power playlist with coherent and clear outcomes, you can attract many subscribers and increase your views.

Quality Comes First

Some Youtubers would say that you have to post videos on a regular basis. I’ve watched weekly or bi-weekly uploads and some even daily uploads. But what does this entail? Burn out.

 Editing is not easy. The contents are difficult to come by. The hours in a day are limited. These Youtubers, sadly, have quit the game all together or are stuck having the same number of subscribers regardless of the number of videos posted per week.

A lot of successful YouTubers say the same thing – if you want to gain subscribers, increase your views and engaged with audiences, you have to make sure you produce good quality videos.

It is not about the quantity, it is about the quality. How meaningful are the contents? How well have you edited? How good is the flow of the video? Did you manage to relay a significant message to your audience? These are what the audience want. These are the reasons your viewers stick with you.

How To Get More YouTube Subscribers
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Interesting Channel Trailer

We go watch films because in a few second trailer, our attention was captured. The trailer piqued our interest which made us decide that this movie, this particular movie trailer is interesting and worth inverting our time, money and effort to go to a movie theatre.

The logic behind is the same if you are a YouTuber wanting to get more subscribers. You have to capture their interest. Here are some tips:

1.     You can do it with a tagline (like “Hello World, This is Anne from The Bronx!)

2.     Make it less than a minute

3.     Make sure you grab their attention, show a glimpse of the best content.

It’s Also About the Channel Icon

Similar to a CV, you have to post your best photo as your channel icon. Remember that this is your entire channel we are talking about. So you have to grab their attention. Make sure that your photo is high resolution, placed at the center, with clear or interesting background, and many more.

Of course there are more tips, but those above are the easiest to do and accomplish. Good luck! The world is excited to see you succeed!