How to Get More Youtube Subscribers

ASIDE FROM spreading their respective missions, YouTube accounts also aim to maximize their views aka their subscribers. This way, they can monetize their views, sell their products, develop their brands, or just simply share their crafts.

But, in order for these things to happen, they have to have a lot of followers. That is why YouTube awards plaques as a commemoration of them reaching various milestones.

But how do they do it? How can they do it? What are the proven ways in which a Youtuber can increase their subscribers? Here are some advanced techniques you can apply in garnering more subscribers. You can mix and match depending on which you feel will work the most.

How to Get More Youtube Subscribers
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1. Your watermark as a subscribe button

This strategy has worked for some YouTubers in the past and has been continuously working. You can add a branded watermark – little icon, at the bottom of your video. Most people use white text or their brand icon. But try putting a watermark that stands out – say similar to the Youtube’s SUBSCRIBE button. This way, it prompts your viewers’ eyes to the watermark and consequently subscribe to your channel.

2. Trailer that works

Define your target audience first, this way, you will attract who your channel is for in the get-go. Next few seconds, your trailer should show your origin story. This is how your audience sticks with you – who are you and why they should relate to you? Finally, convince them why they should subscribe to your channel – what do you offer that others do not? Make your trailer unique and not the typical generic ones we see all over.

3. Communicate or interact with the audience

Participating in the comments section of your videos builds a relationship and engages the audience to be active. This is how you show them that you are not just some random Youtuber, you really do care in putting your craft out there. By replying to these comments, you show your audience that you take time to know them and their thoughts.

How to Get More Youtube Subscribers
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4. End with a sneak peek of the next video

To make sure that your subscribers return and watch your next videos, give them a taste of what you are working on next. This way, they can smash the notification button and/or subscribe button of your profile. If you manage to grab their interest by maximizing the ending of your video, you are rest assured that they will definitely come back to your channel and amazing content.

5. Make series videos

I have noticed that the attention span of some viewers is short. To be able to increase your followers, try to portion or cut your videos in a series type uploads. This gives your audience a chance to digest what they’ve learned and to anticipate the next ones. Creating a playlist for each topic also increases your views since your videos are well-curated or arranged easily for their comfort.

6. Collaboration with like-minded or complementary channels

One of the most common ways YouTubers increase their subscribers is through collaborations with other related channels. This way, they can network and make us of the other Youtuber’s subscribers. If not, then collaborate with Youtubers that complements your channel. Are you a Youtuber who paints? Then try to collaborate with channels whose products are paint – related. Easy breezy.

How to Get More Youtube Subscribers
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To sum up this article, there are a lot of ways you can adopt in order to get more subscribers. Ways such as sharing the Youtube links, sending mailing list are just a few ones. But to amp up your game, I suggest trying the above tips and practices. It’s all in the videos you produce. Remember, a simple alteration, trailer placement, watermark change, etc can go a long way!