How To Get More Followers on Instagram

WHEN I THINK of social media, especially social media that can be monetized, I think of an art curator in a museum. They do meticulous, intensive hard work in order to display their best art. They highlight which to be seen and what to be seen with which. I see Instagram this way. There is an art to the posting, to the arrangement, captions, hashtags, and everything in between.

Although it appears to be relatively easy and painless, with all the snap, edit, and post type of work, I think people tend to dismiss the real intensive work that goes in these posts and content. That is why a lot of influencers have become Instagram famous, or Instagram stars since all their hard work (and luck at some point) had finally paid off.

Here are some of the advice I have put together on how to attract Instagram followers. These are tried and tested, but of course, it is up to you how to manage your brand. I suggest giving these a thorough read and adopt what best suits you.

How To Get More Followers on Instagram
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Consistent posting schedule

There is a saying that goes absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well, think about the opposite for Instagram. If they don’t see you, then they won’t know you. With the number of posts on Instagram a day, yours could be easily buried. So, it is important to keep a daily or regular schedule in terms of posting content. How? Set an alarm. Or, plan your content for the week or the month. That way, your regular followers could anticipate your new posts on that specific day or time.

Select the best time to post

Okay, now that you have planned your posts, let us take it further by choosing the appropriate time. You simply do not post at random hours of the day. You have to select when to post.

Studies show that most Instagram traffic happens within mid-day, specifically between 10 to 1. If you want to be recognized, schedule your posts within these hours.

Get your content posted in other accounts

It is not enough to have your own followers, if you can use the followers of other similar accounts, then the better. Think of it as multi-level marketing. Have them post your content, post their contents, and the following will increase. That way, you can, let us say cast a wider net in terms of audience.

Give quality content

By now you should realize that quantity does not matter. If you keep on posting crappy, subpar photos, or content, you might even lose followers. The key to maintaining and attracting followers is that you should keep them interested. Give them the content they subscribed for. Seek significance over success.

How To Get More Followers on Instagram
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Use hashtags to your advantage

Hashtags are there for a reason. Use them wisely to attract your proper target market. But also, do not over use them. Three to five seems appropriate. Do not be those users who have more hashtags than the caption itself.

Optimize your profile

Do you have an interesting profile handle? Have you edited your account information to fit your brand? Have you asked yourself, is your bio helpful? Did you put your website link in the bio part? Did you use an appropriate profile photo? All of these questions should be considered in order to have a well rounded Instagram account worthy of followers.

IGTV Series

With the attention span of people growing shorter and shorter, a great idea to increase your Instagram followers is creating an IGTV series. As usual, consistency is the key. So plan out accordingly. It may be a 5 post series on how to prune a plant or a 7-day series on how to declutter your house. The important thing is it should be short but informative.