How To Get An RCBC Instacard

In these unprecedented times, having a reliable credit card on hand can be a saving grace, especially in difficult circumstances. However, getting a credit card can be challenging.

The RCBC InstaCard is designed for individuals who want a credit card now and who don’t want to go through the hassle of getting credit checks. With this option, you can get a credit card regardless of your past credit history

The RBC RCBC InstaCard is like a prepaid card, as you need to have money in your account to use it. Up next we’ve provided details for you about the benefits and fees associated with the card as well as how you can apply. 

How To Get An RCBC Instacard

Key Features and Benefits of the RCBC InstaCard

Filed under the Secured credit offerings of RCBC, the RCBC Bankard InstaCard is designed to provide individuals with a 100% guaranteed credit card provided they open a Savings Deposit account with the bank.  

The credit limit assignment of the credit card will be 90% of the hold-out deposit under the savings account. Think of this as a collateral of sorts that assures the bank of your creditworthiness.

In addition to getting a large credit limit amount, the RCBC InstaCard allows cardholders to improve and build their credit over time. 

As you continue to stay within the credit limit and pay your dues on time, you can move towards availing unsecured credit cards in the future. 

When you get approved for this card, you can get a significant credit limit, which will be 90% of the hold-out deposit. You can also determine the credit limit you prefer.

Application & Eligibility

As per the bank, you can apply for this card by visiting an RCBC branch near you to open a deposit account. 

Then, you just need to submit the required documentation along with accomplished savings account opening forms, deed of assignment, and valid government IDs. 

When applying, the best way to go is to bring all pertinent documents, which could be requested by the bank to avoid the hassle. This can include proof of identity, residence, and income.

Bringing identification cards, utility bills, latest bank statements, recent payslips, and other similar documentation may be needed. 

Keep in mind that you are only eligible for the RCBC Instacard if you are at least 21 years old and without a delinquent RCBC Bankard account. You must also maintain a holdout deposit amount of ₱10,000

This amount will only be released after 60 days in case of card cancellation. 

Rates & Fees

Bear in mind that there are fees associated with your credit card usage. This can go on top of fixed fees. Here are some of the charges you should take note of. 

  • Annual Fee – ₱60 per month or ₱720 per year for Regular Cards or ₱150 per month, or ₱1,800 per year for Premium Cards; this fee is waived for the first 12 months.
  • Supplementary Card Fee – as low as ₱30 per month or ₱360 per year
  • Interest Rate – 2.5% per month
  • Cash Advance – 3% of the cash amount or ₱500, whichever is higher
  • Late Penalty – ₱400, but in case of multiple occurrences, a ₱500 fee applies for 4 to 6 months and ₱600 for 6 months and above.
  • Overlimit Fee – ₱500 on cycle day
  • Balance Transfer Processing Fee – ₱100
How To Get An RCBC Instacard

Contact Information

To learn more about this product, you can visit their main office at RCBC Plaza, Ayala Avenue, Makati, 1200 Metro Manila or give them a call at 8888-1888. You can also send an email at


The RBC InstaCard is a secured credit card, which means you get a credit card, but you have to have money in your savings account as back up. 

There are many other card options out there if you are looking for a standard credit card for which you don’t have to deposit money upfront.  

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Please see the bank’s Terms and Conditions page for more information.