How To Get A Talent Manager

The world of entertainment is fast phased and continuously evolving. When you asked me how to get a talent manager, I would directly assume, without hesitation, that you are an actor appearing in TV shows or movies.

These days, that is not the case. Talent Manager expands its scope to all types of talent and medium. Depending on your skills or craft, you need a specific talent manager to handle you. This includes finding you casting calls, jobs, and all the necessary logistics needed for you to perform your craft well and in an efficient manner.

As for getting a talent manager, here are some of the tips that I have compiled based on other people’s experience.

How To Get A Talent Manager
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1. Find a manager

In the industry, it is commonly done by a referral. But if you don’t have any friends who would refer you, then you can start searching the internet on their profile. Who are their clients? What is the industry they specialize in? Remember that knowledge is power in this situation.

2.  Be connected

You can email them and set up a meeting. Apply the art of emailing (particularly if it is a cold email). Introduce yourself briefly, how you knew them and why you would like to meet them. Remember that you are asking them a favor to represent you, so be polite and truthful.

3.  Meet them!

Imagine going to a job interview. First impression counts. For these talent managers who are veterans in their fields, they can easily know whether you will be a success of not. SO imagine this as going to a first interview. Dress well, be prepared with your introductions, ask them questions.

How To Get A Talent Manager
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If you are on the lookout in getting a talent manager, here are some tips I recommend that you consider before signing in to one.

1. The talent manager will be your key to success or failure. In an industry that produces new talents regularly, you have to make a mark of your own. You can do this with the help of a proper talent manager.

2. Your talent manager doesn’t necessarily need a degree. BUT a degree in marketing or business will help you in your career trajectory. What do you mean by that? You are the product, your manager will market you.

3. Your talent manager should have impeccable skills in communication, finance, organization, among many things. That is how the industry runs. SO he or she should have a good grasp on what happens in the background.

4.  Not only that, your talent manager should also be aware of what is happening in front of the camera, not just behind it. The talent manager should be familiar with the industry you are in. Being a member of a professional organization is a big plus as he or she has the networks that will be useful for you in the long run.

At the end of the day, you should remember not to be complacent. If you really are striving to be successful in your chosen field, the main work, the bulk of the work still comes from your end. Your talent manager is a great and indispensable help in building and shaping your career, but still, the work is from you.

Talent Managers direct you to the proper path to success, giving you tips, introducing you to the right people, opening doors of opportunities for you and so many more. But as THE talent, you are still responsible for improving your craft and skill and making yourself marketable. Think about it this way-  remember, you are the product that needs to be marketed and be seen by the masses. Your talent manager is the product seller.