How To Get a PNB Mabuhay Miles World MasterCard (Perks & Privilages)

The world of banking encompass our daily lives in many way we cannot simply brush off. We do it for paying utility bills, groceries, transportation, simple transactions and much much more. In fact, I can easily go out of the flat with just my cards, keys and phone. It is that easy.


But what if the world of banking was specifically catered to the world of travelling? Would it be a traveller’s ultimate dream? That is what exactly the PNB Mabuhay Miles World MasterCard does. All in one card, you maximize your travel experience without all the hassle of activating your card overseas.

How To Get a PNB Mabuhay Miles World MasterCard (Perks & Privilages)Offered by the Philippine National Bank, the Mabuhay Miles World MasterCard allows you to travel the world at your own pace – faster and better. What separates it from most of the MasterCards available in the market is the high-rewarding scheme it offers to its clients. 

Since it is a collaboration of PNB and PAL (Philippine Airlines), it has the following features that caters to the international globe trotter in you.

1. Free Mabuhay Miles (worth 2000)) as a welcome gift once you activate your card.


2. You also get a free 10000 worth Mabuhay Miles provided that you make hundred thousand pesos worth of transactions with the airlines (PAL) within a year from the card was issued.

3. Of course, since you are among the elite members, you get to have a priority check in at PAL Business Class ccounters.

4. Apart from those perks, you get a 5% discount on international flights offered by PAL if you book online.

5. They also offer free travel insurance up to PhP10M

6. They have free purchase protection insurance

7.  And lastly, they offer 24 hour concierge all over (domestic and international.


Now that you know all the perks that goes with owning the Mabuhay Miles World MasterCard, let me run you through how to apply for it. Follow these steps:

1. Go to the following link: PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles MasterCard

2. Click the apply here (here text) at the bottom of the page (after the benefits section)

3. The link will lead you to a one page application form. You can save this form via PDF to fill.

4. If not, print the form and fill the needed information. Make sure to write legibly. Avoid making erasures or mistakes.

5. With your form filled up, go to the PNB branch near you.

6.  Make sure you bring valid IDs. (Passport, Work ID, Drivers Licence, UMID among others)

7.  Take a number from the machine and wait for your turn.

8.  Present your form and IDs to the bank agent.

How To Get a PNB Mabuhay Miles World MasterCard (Perks & Privilages)
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All done! It really is easy! I personally like the ease of applying. You don’t have to fill up multiple documents, as they already made their application form compact. Honestly, more than 2 pages is a chore to fill up. So I am glad that PNB considered this efficient way of application.

Here are some additional tips I can give you.

1.  Make sure that you filled all necessary information in the form. This way, it will make your application easier and faster.

2.  Bring many Valid IDS. It’s better to be sure. As some may not accept the valid ID you present.

3.  In the case of the tip above, just call your PNB bank and ask the valid IDs they accept.  Make sure to get the name of the agent you talked to and the details of your conversation.

4.  Go early. I cannot stress this enough. Since banks tend to be overflowed with customers on mid day and mostly Mondays, I suggest go early on midweek. This way there is less competition for you. Less hassle too!


What can I say? But good luck and I wish you well in all your *future* travel plans!