How To Get A BDO Visa/Mastercard Corporate Card

Are you looking for a corporate travel and entertainment card for your company that offers global acceptance, value-added services, and access to cash? Then the Corporate BDO Visa card might be for you.

It offers you convenient ways to manage your company’s purchases and make payment processes easier, smarter, and faster. You won’t have to disburse cash to your employees for travel and other company purchases. 

You can apply for a corporate card whether you are a small business or a large enterprise with many employees. We’ve had a look at the Corporate BDO Visa card, summarized our findings and that’s up next. 

How To Get A BDO Visa/Mastercard Corporate Card

The Corporate BDO Visa Card:  Features

The Corporate BPO Visa card is accepted nationwide as well as internationally. This gives the cardholder easy access to cash at any ATM locally, or over the counter at any of the more than 700 BPO branches. 

Internationally cash can be withdrawn from any ATM that accommodates Visa cards. Any outlet accepting Visa cards will honor the Corporate BDO Visa card. 

With the Corporate BDO Visa card, your company receives monthly reports via the bank’s website. The report is a summary of aspects like the spending made by every cardholder.

It also includes the mother statement of the corporate account, money spent per merchant, and much more. Information regarding the account or assistance worldwide can be obtained from its 24/7 customer service center. 

When an employee uses the Corporate BDO Visa card for business travel the employee and the company enjoy complimentary travel, accident, and inconvenience insurance coverage.

Pros and Cons of the Corporate BDO Visa Card


With the Corporate BDO Visa card, you as the employer can set separate credit limits for individual cardholders. The credit limits can be in line with your company’s purchasing policies and employee benefits. 

 As a payment to the card becomes due only 25 days after the cut-off, the card extends your company’s credit line. With this, the Corporate BDO Visa card assists your company to save and improve cash flow.

Additionally, the card enables you to consolidate payments for utilities with other corporate expenditures such as phone bills, internet access, and electricity.  This saves the time and effort of employees.


Some fees like the annual fee and returned check fees are rather high if compared to other cards.  

Corporate BDO Visa Card: Fees and Rates

The fees and rates are variable and can be checked on the website.

  • Annual membership fee: PhP1,800
  • Cash Advance: 5% of the advance or PhP300 whichever the highest.
  • Late payment fee: 7% of the amount or PhP500 whichever the highest.
  • Returned check fee:  PhP1,250.
  • Sale slip retrieval fee:  PhP300 for local transactions. PhP500 for international transactions.
  • Lost card replacement fee: PhP400.
  • Foreign exchange fee: Assessment fee of 1% and 1.5% service fee on converted value.

Card Eligibility

To apply for enrolment in the corporate BDO Visa card program, you’ll most probably require certification by the company’s secretary that the board has authorized the application and designated the authorized signatories. 

When the application has been approved BDO will request a cardholder information sheet signed by each employee who will be issued with a corporate card. 

If your company wants to apply for the Corporate BDO Visa card visit the website and apply.

Corporate BDO Visa Card: Address and Contact 

Address: The Podium, 12, Benguet Centre, ADB Ave, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, 1552 Metro Manila, Philippines. 

Telephone: +63 2 702 6275

If you need more information regarding this card you can contact them online or at any of the more than 700 BDO branches in the Philippines. 

How To Get A BDO Visa/Mastercard Corporate Card


The Corporate BDO Visa card can help you simplify your cash management and make it easy for your employees to pay for company expenses without carrying a lot of cash.

BDO has a bunch of other cards you can check out if you think this one doesn’t have all the features you need and want. 

Disclaimer: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit products. Ensure you consult the Corporate BDO Visa card’s terms and conditions before agreeing on anything.