How To Get A BDO Diamond UnionPay Card

Are you looking for a card offering you a convenient way to shop online as well as in-store? The BDO Diamond UnionPay credit card could be your answer. 

Not only is the BDO credit card one of the most widely used credit cards in most Asian countries, including the Philippines, but it is also used locally and internationally for a wide assortment of benefits.

We’ve had a look at the BDO Diamond UnionPay credit card and discovered some details you need to know. Up next, we’ve got information on interest rates, as well as how to apply. 

How To Get A BDO Diamond UnionPay Card

BDO Diamond UnionPay Card’s Features

The bank’s EasyPay program enables you to buy items from over 11,000 partner stores on an installment basis with 0% interest. 

You can also use your card for online shopping which is enriched with a feature to protect you from online fraud. Bills can be paid hassle-free through its Charge-on-Demand or Auto Charge schemes!

You’ll enjoy exclusive freebies and discounts at partner stores when you use the BDO card. It offers cashless transactions anywhere in the world and the BDO card can be used at any Mastercard, Cirrus, and Visa ATM. 

Even better; if you encounter problems, the bank’s customer service is available around-the-clock for your assistance. As a cardholder, you’ll be able to get medical assistance and travel assistance worldwide, including travel insurance. 

It can even give you access to UnionPay’s concierge service. With the card’s rewards plan, you earn 1 point for every PhP40 local transaction and every US$1 international transaction you charge to your credit card. 

With these points, you can redeem airline miles, gift certificates, hotel vouchers, and more.

Pros and Cons of the BDO Diamond UnionPay Card


With your BDO Diamond UnionPay Credit Card, you can apply for up to six supplementary credit cards, all for free. That’s not all; the card offers a dual billing option – allowing you to have both a Philippine Peso and a US Dollar account in one card.


The card does not offer many reward-programs apart from the 1 point for every PhP40 spent. It is also reported in some blogs that the BDO Diamond card’s strict requirements might put it out of reach for many.

BDO Diamond UnionPay Card’s Fees and Rates

  • Annual membership fee: PhP5,000 but free for the first three years. Thereafter annual fees will also be waived if you spend at least PhP 600,000 per year.
  • Supplement card: Free.
  • Monthly interest: 3% on retail and cash transactions.
  • Minimum amount due: 3% on outstanding balance or PhP200, whichever the highest.
  • Over limit penalty: 3%.
  • Returned check fee: PhP1,250
  • Sale slip retrieval fee:  PhP300 for local transactions and PhP500 for international transactions
  • Lost card replacement fee: PhP400.        
  • Gambling and gaming fee: 5% of the amount or PhP500 whichever the highest.
  • Foreign exchange rate: An assessment fee of 1% and a service fee of 1.5% of the total amount.
  • Installment processing fee: 5% of the remaining balance or PhP300 whichever the highest.

Card Eligibility

To get this BDO card, the basic requirements are that you must be between 21 and 70 years of age and a Philippine citizen, or a permanent resident for the last two years. 

Your gross fixed annual income must be more than PhP1,200,000. The bank also verifies whether you have a good credit record and not many loans outstanding.

How to Get a BDO Diamond UnionPay Card

To apply for your card go to the BDO branch of your choice and personally submit the completed application form and the other documents required. You may also apply online but you will be required to visit BDO to submit the required documents.

BDO Diamond UnionPay Card’s Address and Contact

The Podium, 12, Benguet Centre, ADB Ave, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, 1552 Metro Manila, Philippines. 

Phone: +63 2 702 6275

How To Get A BDO Diamond UnionPay Card


Despite comments on user boards that the strict requirements of the BDO Diamond UnionPay card make it difficult to qualify for it, it all depends on your unique situation. 

Applicants with good credit standing have a good chance of being approved. If you need more information regarding BDO’s other cards, contact one of their branches near you or contact the bank online.

Disclaimer: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit products. Ensure you consult the BDO Diamond UnionPay card’s terms and conditions before agreeing on anything.