How To Get A BDO American Express Platinum Card

Are you looking for an internationally accepted credit card offering you a convenient way to shop at outlets and online? The BDO American Express Platinum Card might be your answer. 

This card cannot only be used locally and internationally but also comes in handy for online transactions. BDO credit cards are the most preferred and widely used credit cards in China and most Asian countries, including the Philippines. 

The card makes your shopping easy and lets you get some benefits for the money you are spending. In this article, we took a sneak peek at the BDO American Express Platinum Card and have the details of our findings up next.  

How To Get A BDO American Express Platinum Card

BDO American Express Platinum Card’s Features

Did you know that a majority of the card’s features center around insurance? From comprehensive travel and accident insurance to trip cancellation claims and travel inconvenience protection, the card goes the extra mile to cover it all. 

What’s more; with its EasyPay program, you can purchase items on installment at over 11,000 partner stores nationwide. By using your card frequently you earn perks and privileges, in addition to freebies and discounts at partner stores. 

On top of it, you can also earn 1 reward point for every PhP45 spent.

Pros and Cons of the BDO American Express Platinum Card


With your BDO American Express Platinum Card, you can apply for up to five free supplementary credit cards. The card offers a dual billing option— allowing you to have both a Philippine Peso and a US Dollar account in one card. If you encounter problems with your account you can contact the American Express Customer Service 24/7. That’s not all; the annual membership fee is waived if you spend at least P600,000 during the previous year. 


Unlike other cards, the BDO American Express Platinum card does not offer as many reward-programs apart from the one point for every PhP45 spent. It is also reported in some blogs that the card’s high requested annual income might put it out of reach for many. 

BDO Fees and Rates

  • Annual membership fee: PhP5,000 but free for the first year. Thereafter annual fees will also be waived if you spend at least PhP600,000 per year.
  • Supplement card annual fee: First 5 cards free and then PhP2,500 per extra card.
  • Monthly interest: 3% per month.
  • Cash advance fee: 5% of the amount withdrawn or PhP500 whichever is highest.
  • Late payment fee: 7% of the amount overdue.
  • Sale slip retrieval fee: PhP300 for local transactions.
  • Lost card replacement fee: PhP400.

Card Eligibility

To apply for a BDO American Express Platinum card you must be a Philippine resident and aged between 21 and 70. Your yearly income must be at least Php1,800,000 and you must have at least one landline phone. 

You will be asked to provide proof of identification and employment, or registration of your business if you’re self-employed. 

How to Get a BDO American Express Platinum Card

To apply for your card, you’d need to visit the BDO branch of your choice and personally submit the completed application form and the other documents required. If you apply online you will still need to visit BDO later to submit the required documents.

BDO Banks’s Address and Contact 

The Podium, 12, Benguet Centre, ADB Ave, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, 1552 Metro Manila, Philippines. 

Phone: +63 2 702 6275.

How To Get A BDO American Express Platinum Card


Whether you’re shopping, dining, traveling, or simply relaxing, BDO American Express Credit has got you covered. But if those aren’t the exact things you’re looking for, you should check out other cards before settling on one.

Disclaimer: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit products. Ensure you consult the BDO American Express Platinum card’s terms and conditions before agreeing on anything.