How To Edit Your IG Photos Like Pia Wurtzbach

The most controversial Miss Universe show, in my opinion,  was when Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach from the Philippines was  crowned the winner in 2015. Of course in the history of professional pageantry, the biggest no no was committed when the host Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner. He announced the first runner up – Miss Colombia as the winner, instead of half German-half Filipina Pia.

Putting that aside, the followers of Pia’s IG (she goes by the handle: @piawurtzbach) sky rocketed to millions. Currently at 10.5 million followers, she post her projects, daily life and advocacies for her followers to see.

When you scroll down her fabulous Instagram account, you can see her body in every face in every shot. But beyond that Ms. Universe beauty and brains, Pia edits her photos in a way that is all natural – no fancy filters, no fancy lights etc. It is as if it’s just her in her natural element. (#nofilterneeded)

How To Edit Your IG Photos Like Pia Wurtzbach
Pia Wurtzbach


However, here are the things I noticed Pia does to maximize her exposure – she does post wonderful photos. These tips, you can remember the next time you post that display-image worthy shot of yours.

1. Natural Lighting

Her photos does not make use of harsh lights and reflectors. In fact, you can see from some of her photos that she uses normal phone cameras just like many of us do. What I notice though is that she maximizes the use of natural light while posing. So even before you take your photos, notice – if the light is in the East, pose East. It’s you basking under the wonderful glorious sun. No filter needed!

2. Angles

There is no debating that she has a great body. She didn’t win Ms. Universe for nothing. But if you notice from her photos, she makes use of her arms and legs in a way that makes her taller. Tip your toes forward or to the side to make you look taller. Also, be mindful of your posture – sit and stand straight. If you do not want to angle your body, then let the photographer take a different angle. Usually photos taken a feet above a person’s height makes one slimmer. You get the drift.

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Throwing a tan-trum cause holiday mode is over 😂

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3. Centered

She edit her photos and make sure that your eyes naturally gravitate in the center – her. Your photos should be the same. Your audience should naturally see what you want them to see – you and your face. So crop out unnecessary empty spaces. Trim the photos well enough to produce a good proportion of you and your background.

4.  Nature

They say the background gives off a subliminal message. If you want your audience to feel at peace, or relaxed or unbothered, use nature related posts or backgrounds to convey what you wanted them to feel. She chooses nature backgrounds that comes as natural as it gets. Beaches, check, forest check.

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Gotham city feels 🌆 #nyc #newyork #NYFW

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5. Urban Landscapes

For her city photos, she poses behind buildings and anything angular such as railings. She also makes use of cityscapes – pedestrian crossings, windows in tall buildings, and monuments. To make yourself more natural looking, take photos while you are walking or hailing a cab, this way extending your limbs creates the illusion of being tall. Posing behind large buildings or monuments makes you seem smaller.

In summary, Pia does not use  a lot of fancy filters to edit her photos. She edits her IG photos that makes use of natural angles, lightings, backgrounds and center placement. This is how she sets herself apart from other celebrities. If you want a natural looking, well edited photos, you have to take a leaf from her book and maximize what you already have! Good luck posting and editing! Follow her on Instagram now @piawurtzbach for more inspiration.