How To Attend Exclusive Events In The Philippines

It is Friday night, you are on your couch watching Netflix while scrolling through your social media. You see people dressed to the nines, partying, rubbing elbows with the celebrities, and having fun in an invite-only exclusive event. You wonder, how did they get invited?

For you, this is a puzzle. How were they invited and not you? How did they know about these events? Who do they know to get into such parties? These questions and probably more run through your mind as you like their photos filled with different hashtags.  

Fear, not my friends, I am here to discuss how you too could be invited to exclusive events in the Philippines. If attending these parties and events is in your interest, continue to read through this article and be informed!

How To Attend Exclusive Events In The Philippines
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Exclusive Events: How To Get Invited

Product launches, fashion runway events, and even press conferences throw exclusive parties in an invite-only guest list. How do you get invited to one of those lists?

First, make use of the information available. Check the product website regularly, follow their social media accounts, and stay informed of the upcoming events. It does not hurt to comment on their products or events too.

This way, you get noticed as one of the top fans. Put your name out there by being involved and interested.

Second, contact the people in charge. May it be via email, text message or any form of communication, reach out first. Step up, introduce yourself (and what you can do to help their mission), and finally express your interest in being invited to launch parties.

How To Attend Exclusive Events In The Philippines
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Third, and probably the easiest, sign up in the company’s mailing list. This way, you get to be the first one to be informed if there is an upcoming event.

Let us get into further details. For example, if you would like to be invited to a press conference for an upcoming product launch for a new skincare product.

If it just so happens that you are a budding influencer, may it be via blogs or vlogs, you can volunteer to cover this important launch and publish the celebration online on your website. Definitely, you will get the organizers’ attention since it is also free publicity for them.

Another example is if you are a writer for a magazine, newspaper, or online website that focuses on the release of a new model of a product. You can contact the company’s marketing department to relay your intent of covering the launch. Of course, you may be encouraged to write good reviews about the product in return for getting invited.

How To Attend Exclusive Events In The Philippines
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How to Make the Most of the Experience

Seems easy right? Well, I also compiled several tips and tricks to make the most of your experience and to make sure that you get invited again.

  1. Bring business cards. This way, a new acquaintance can remember you and contact you anytime. This is particularly true if you work in related industries and they might need your services in the future. Since you are already expanding your network, make the most out of it.

2. Dress appropriately and well. You should make the effort to look the part. As they say, carry yourself in a manner that you would like to be addressed. If the event is in a hotel and requires formal attire, adhere to the dress code and throw a little something that will impress the attendees.

3. Be a good conversationalist. When networking among the guests, make sure that you can easily contribute to the conversation they are having. Do not be a bore nor a wallflower. Give a witty and smart response that would make the night or event memorable.


Easy as one, two, and three! I hope you get to use these tips once you attend your first exclusive event! Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!