How to Apply for the Philippine Army

Serving the country is one of the greatest honors bestowed upon individuals. This is perhaps the main reason why many people around the country dream of joining the Philippine Army. Apart from helping protect the people, being of service for the betterment of the country does seem inviting.

Joining the ranks of the highly esteemed officials and soldiers may seem daunting. With the numerous paperwork and requirements, it can become cumbersome for interested individuals. However, with the right tools and knowledge, applying for a position within the Philippine Army will be a breeze.

Interested in applying for this position and serving the country? Look no further. This guide is here to give you all the help you need.

Philippine Army
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Eligibility and Requirements

Becoming a part of the Philippine Army and the Cadet Corps Armed Forces of the Philippines comes with a number of requirements. The most important of these include being a natural-born Filipino, being the age of 17 to 22 years old upon taking the AFPSAT exam, having good moral character, being physically fit, and bearing no criminal or administrative cases.

In addition, applicants must also be a high school graduate or a graduating student by June of the same year following their date of PMA entrance examination. A minimum height requirement of 5 feet is observed for both male and female applicants. Lastly, applicants must be single and must not have been married.

Meanwhile, those who wish to attain a higher position and take a course under the army are required to be natural-born Filipinos, be a holder of a baccalaureate degree, be between the ages of 21 to 29 years old, and have a minimum AFSAT raw score of 71. Moreover, applicants for these positions should also pass their Army Qualifying Exam, Special Written Exam, Physical Medical Exam, and their Physical Fitness Test. Individuals must also retain a single status, bear no child, and be of good moral character.

How to Apply

Prior to being admitted, you must first pass the Armed Forces of the Philippines Service Aptitude Test (AFPSAT). To do this, bring the following documents to the nearest recruitment office in the city or region. The following requirements include your transcript of records of Form 137, college diploma, original NSO birth certificate, valid identification card, and a 2×2 picture.

Those who pass the AFPSAT may proceed with applying for a position in the army. To apply, simply fill out the application form found on the website. After filling out the form, you will be asked to mail the form to their main office.

Should you be chosen by the Philippine Army, you will be required to undergo a series of interviews, as well as other tests ordered by designated military units. Once accepted, you will be given a formal notice indicating the time and date of your reporting.

Pay & Benefits

Soldiers and personnel accepted into the Philippine Army will be given due remuneration such as the following.

  • Candidate Soldier – P33,327
  • Private (Enlisted Personnel) – P37,038
  • Officer Candidate – P41,696
  • 2LT (Call to Active Duty) – P49,906

Benefits such as insurance and healthcare, housing, training, and many more will also be provided.

Philippine Army Address & Contact Details

To apply, you may directly contact the main Army Recruitment Office in your designated area. For Luzon, the recruitment office is located at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, with contact numbers at 845-9555 loc. 6843. Aspiring soldiers may also head to the Headquarters of the Philippine Army at Fort Bonifacio, Makati City.


What are you waiting for? Take this opportunity to lead and serve in the Philippine Army today. Through this guide, you are now one step closer to saving the nation.