Hayden Kho, gusto na ring makipag-ayos kay Maricar Reyes

Hayden Kho, gusto na ring makipag-ayos kay Maricar Reyes

Maricar-Reyes-Hayden-KhoGUSTO NA raw makipag-ayos ni Hayden Kho kay Maricar Reyes? Hayden is said to be reaching out to Maricar after the much ballyhooed sex video scandal that they got embroiled at many years ago. But is Maricar open to meeting Hayden?

We noticed that Hayden is doing some “cleaning” lately. After smoking the peace pipe with Katrina Halili, he wants to seek an audience with Maricar, probably apologize for his shenanigans in the past.

Hayden has since moved on after the controversial sex video. He’s beginning to start on a clean slate, the reason why he wants to meet with Maricar. Actually, naitaguyod na ni Hayden ang kanyang sarili, all with the help of Vicky Belo. Naibalik na sa kanya ang kanyang medical license at isa na siya ngayong Christian. All it took for him to seek God is the controversy he got himself embroiled at.

Part ng total closure para kay Hayden ang meeting niya kay Katrina and his probable meeting with Maricar in the future.

But if you ask us, we feel that Katrina and Maricar were not given justice for the humiliation they went through because of the sex video scandals.

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas