The Graduate Class 2014

The-Graduate-Class-2014AS A student, I pulled years of sleepless nights and studied a pile of lectures but as I walked through that stage on my graduation day, all I could ever thought about was my mother who endures being away from us to make our education possible.


THE FIRST thing I did after graduation was to draft my resume. I wasn’t confident enough to send it without knowing the result of the board exam. Then few days later, the cause of my anxiety came. I passed! In an instant, I sent my resume to all possible employers.

There is an unwritten rule that a new graduate has the privilege to slack off, go somewhere and have that well-deserved rest. I would like that privilege not for me but for my mother. It’s also a dream for me.

One step to achieve that dream is to get a job. How I wish I could tell you how I look forward to the day when I am no longer a burden to my mother but instead her partner in supporting my other siblings

My mum has been an OFW in London for more than a decade. I was only in grade 3 when she left and I am now a registered Medical Technologist. We haven’t seen her in person for years but she has no choice at the moment but I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. For years, I am being contented with overseas calls, thanks to Viber now for the free calls aside from Facebook. One hello is enough to know how tired she has been. There are nights when she cries out of dissappointments and all I could ever do is to cheer her up or when it seems that she can’t handle her problems and all I could ever do is to listen. I want to have a job as quickly as possible because I always wish I could do more than listening and telling her things, I wish I can ease her burden little by little. For the longest time I have been dreaming of taking her to one of Machester United games to support her love for football, go shopping with her, buy things that she wants and go on a trip with her to places she’s been dreaming to go. I would like to give her the life that she deserves and this is the main reason why I can’t slack off. Of course I also have my career ambition

I am aware that I can’t give her all of these immediately but findin a job is a start. I will do my best in all job interviews that I will attend to bringing with me those dreams I have for mama. I will work hard for mama because that’s what she did.

My mother may not be physically here but she never falls short on being a mother, not even once. Hats off for her!