Gab Valenciano, excited makasama si Robin Nievera – Eddie Littlefield

Gab Valenciano, excited makasama si Robin Nievera – Eddie Littlefield

FOR THE FIRST time, together As 1 sina Gab Valenciano at Robin Nievera sa segment na father and son with their dad Gary Valenciano at Martin Nievera. To the highest level ang performance  na gagawin nila. Grabe ang preparation ginawa ng dalawa sa nasabing biggest event of the year. I’m sure, ikaloloka ng manonood ang surprise number nina Gab at Robin on September 18 at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

“I’ve worked on it 24 hours a day. Prior to that, I spend 8 hours in my computer. I’ve really worked my heart and soul. For me, it’s the best song. I  wanted  to bring the best in all of us. Of course, I want to bring out the best in Robin because I believe in his skill. I believe in what he can do. That’s why I told myself, “you know what, I’m gonna make him shine. We’ve  been together everyday.”

Pagdating sa personal problem, very open ba naman si Gab sa kanyang parents? “Of course. I tell my Dad everything. I also tell my Mom everything because we grew up that way. I grew up open to them. For example, when I have problems with my brother or  relationships,  I can easily talk to them. Before ayoko. Sasabihin ko,” you know what? ilalagay ko…love life, Gab Valenciano,  hatred of  life and living things. My Dad is a superstar, my Mom is the manager  of various artists. She’s  working from morning to night. I think, when I look back in my life, I remember, my Dad will give-up US tours just to be with us.  US tours at that time, wow, big time pero ngayon to give-up, I look up myself. I’ll never give-up. I don’t know what I feel if may anak ako. I realize it’s a big thing to give up. Sometimes endorsement, sometimes schedule na sobra, you know and he will give it up for us, for the family,” seryosong sabi ni Gab.

At the age of sixteen going to seventeen nang mag-open-up si Gab sa kanyang Mom and Dad. “Medyo ano ako, rebelde pa. I always cry. When I have a problem,  diretso na ako sa kanila but there are some times that I cannot go straight to my family, I go to my friends. There are times na hindi ko kayang sabihin sa parents ko, I have to talk to my best friend,” sabi niya.

Bonding with the family, may time pa ba kayo to be together? “Iba ‘yung bonding namin, we can go to the beach together. Me and my Dad have a show in Baguio, we all went to Baguio together. Ang sarap ng feeling kasi all of us are there, especially, when we go abroad.  Sometimes we can  be serious but  we can be crazy. Most of the time, we’re crazy specially when we have dinner together. We have to choose where we’ll gonna eat because we cannot be noisy in some restaurant. Kapag kukumain kami,  maingay kami talaga pero ‘pag seryoso, seryoso talaga –extreme!” nakatutuwang kuwento ni Gab.

AYAW Paawat!
by Eddie Littlefield