KPop Album Review: The Chaos Chapter: Freeze by Tomorrow X Together (TXT)

ALTHOUGH the five-member group TXT (Tomorrow x Together) are only two years old in the entertainment business, their act is so far from being newbies. You wouldn’t think that they just debuted March of 2019 with their caliber of performances and the music they produce. 

The group just released their first Japanese album last January 20, 2021 which is Still Dreaming. The album already received gold status in Japan, the same month it was released.

The group gifted us again, in the same year, with their second Korean album – The Chaos Chapter: Freeze which was released last May 31, 2021 and we all went wild! The album consists of eight wonderful singles that are just *chef’s kiss*. Here are my thoughts on every single song of the album!

KPop Album Review: The Chaos Chapter: Freeze by Tomorrow X Together (TXT)
Tomorrow x Together (TXT)


Is that violin chords that I hear at the beginning? Oh the irony – this song with the wonderful strings of one of the most if not, romantic instruments in the world, coupled with one of the most talented voices in the entertainment industry!

0X1 Lovesong (I Know I Love You)

Featuring the commanding and versatile voice of Seori, this pacts powerfully on the lyrics compared to the rhythm (although it is good, don’t get me wrong). The courageous proclamation of one’s feelings to the rest of the world gives the listener an impression of inevitable confidence and supremacy.


This song just hits your right in the face (or heart), without prelude or preparation it just bam- hit you with good music and better lyrics. If I were to compare the lyrics with a season, the song Magic greatly captures the essence of Spring. It reminds you of hope for a  budding romance, peppered with positivity! Add the fact that we can sing along with the boys since the song is sung in English! Hurray!

Ice Cream

Okay, it doesn’t even matter if I don’t understand the original  lyrics therefore the meaning of the song. This song is definitely the one that would make you feel better. The one song you play to get your groove back or the one you put on full volume in your car stereo while driving with all the windows down.

What If I Had Been That Puma

The recurring theme of the song is autotune – but, all I can say is that the autotune perfectly complements the members’ striking vocals and fantastic rap lines. The message of the whole song walks between being overwhelmed and over thinking, but was wonderfully executed through a very chill and light song. How impressive is that?

No Rules

Literally no rules with this song! From the funky start to the upbeat vibe, this song would be one of my go tos when I dance alone inside my room, or perhaps performing on a wedding ceremony, I don’t care! For me, the highlight of the song is Yeonjun’s rap! Can I just say that he killed it?

Dear Sputnik

Dear Sputnik is the song I play while running on my treadmill, pretending to be the heroine in a romantic-adventure movie in pursuit of the man I love. With great background and stunning outfit, I envision myself as that powerful individual reuniting with the person who was, in all these universes, meant for me and only me.


Frost – the beats just send chills up my spine down to my heart. Why? Well as a fan, I know that this song is completely different from their other songs. To say that it is a totally different genre is just plain honesty. The raspy voices of Taehyun, Yeonjun and Huening Kai also fits the song flawlessly well.

KPop Album Review: The Chaos Chapter: Freeze by Tomorrow X Together (TXT) 

Have you listened to the album yet? Which among these are your favorite? The rankings are still TBA, so fans, let us continue streaming and supporting our idols!