Driver License! How To Apply

Having a driver’s license allows a person to drive from one point to another. Just like anywhere else in the world, Filipinos need a license to legally drive all over the country. This document serves as proof that a person is physically and mentally capable of driving.

Only qualified and skilled individuals can apply for a driver’s license. The government sets specific requirements that people need to meet in order to drive freely. Aside from the practical driving exam, applicants also need to pass the written test.

This guide will walk you through the driver’s license application and everything you need to know about the process. We will tackle the basic requirements, fees, and the step-to-step guide to the application. Learn more below.

Driver License! How To Apply

Types Of Driver’s License In The Philippines

  • Student Permit

The student permit authorizes an individual to drive a motor vehicle with the presence of someone who holds a valid Professional Driver’s License, such as a driving instructor. This document is valid for a year and cannot be modified or revised.

Before an individual gets a non-professional or professional license, he or she needs to obtain a student permit.

  • Non-Professional

This type of driver’s license is issued to anyone with the authority to operate a private motor vehicle with a 4,500 gross vehicle weight. Once granted with the non-professional license, you can drive both manual and automatic transmissions.

  • Professional

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) grants an individual the Professional Driver’s License for operating both public and private vehicles. The professional driving license allows an individual to drive all types of vehicles including heavy construction equipment.

Driver’s License Qualifications

The basic qualifications for Filipino applicants include the following.

  • 17 years old for student permit; 18 years old for Non-Professional and Professional License
  • Physically and mentally fit to drive a motor vehicle
  • Able to read and write English and Filipino local dialect
  •  Student permit holder for at least 30 days
  • Complete 8 hours of practical driving lessons by LTO-accredited driving schools
  • For Professional License, you need to hold a Non-Professional License for a minimum of 1 year prior to the application

Requirements & Fees

If you are qualified based on the standard requirements, next is to submit documents set by the LTO. Basic requirements are the following.

  • Fill out the driver’s license application form
  • Medical examination certificate issued by LTO-accredited clinic or physician
  • Valid Student Permit or Non-Professional License
  • NBI and PNP clearance indicating no convictions or offenses
  • Certificate of Driving Course Completion from LTO-accredited driving schools


  • Application Fee of Php 100
  • Computer Fee of Php 67.63
  • Student permit: Php 100; Non-professional and Professional: Php 585
  • Additional Computer Fee of Php 67.63

Step-By-Step Guide To Apply For Driver’s License

  1. Visit the nearest LTO Office and submit all necessary documents to the receiving personnel.
  2. Transmit the documents to the evaluator and wait for the details to be encoded.
  3. Head to the photo and signature collection area. Wait for your name to be called.
  4. Pay all the necessary fees.
  5. Take the Driver’s License Basic Driving Theory Test. The results will come out after the written exam.
  6. If you passed the exam, you will take the practical driving test.
  7. If you passed, the Approving Officer will approve the application.
  8. The license will be released together with the official receipt.

Note: The Professional Driver’s License is only valid for five years.

Driver License! How To Apply


Applying for a driver’s license in the Philippines is possible if you qualify for the standard qualifications and pass the written and practical exam. For more information, please visit the website of the Land Transportation Office.