Cristine Reyes, sinisisi sa pre-mature na panganganak

Cristine Reyes, sinisisi sa pre-mature na panganganak

Cristine-ReyesNAIMBIYERNA SI Cristine Reyes sa paninisi sa kanya dahil sa pre-mature niyang pagsilang ng kanyang baby girl. Cristine gave birth to a seven-month old baby na nasa ospital pa ngayon.

“I did everything to make sure that she was healthy. I read books; seek advice from my in-laws, family, friends and professionals to make sure all was well. I just don’t think it’s fair when people judge me and saying that it was my fault,” esplika ni Cristine sa Instagram.

“I plan to disregard NEGATIVITY in my life. My only priority right now is our little fighter. I actually don’t really need to explain myself. Our baby is getting stronger every day and we will be with her throughout the fight,” dagdag pa niya.

Nasa incubator pa until now si Baby Amarah. Unfair nga namang sisihin si Cristine. Sino bang ina ang gustong magsilang ng baby niya na kulang sa buwan. Ang mga bashers talaga, kulang sa UTAK!!!

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas