Carla Abellana, malaki pa rin ang galit kay Geoff Eigenmann?

Carla Abellana, malaki pa rin ang galit kay Geoff Eigenmann?

Carla-AbellanaCARLA ABELLANA, it seems, can’t get enough of her romantic past with Geoff Eigenmann. Although they have been separated for months now, tila hindi pa rin mawala ang galit sa puso ni Carla that every time she had a chance ay nagpapasaring siya sa binatang anak nina Michael de Mesa and Gina Alajar.

One time, she called Geoff yata demonyo, something which made the actor’s manager Perry Linsangan seeth with anger. Hindi pinaglagpas ni Perry ang pambabastos sa kanyang alaga and defended his ward like a father would to his child.

When Carla posted on her Instagram account a photo where she was captured clutching a bouquet of roses na merong ganitong mensahe, “thank you for always putting a smile on my face, especially during tough times”, Geoff seems to have been incensed.

Siguro, hindi ma-take ni Geoff ang tila patutsada sa kanya ng kanyang ex-girlfriend. Immediately, he posted a photo of many roses with a very bold “fu—” written on it.

Many of his followers took it to mean that Geoff was referring to Carla.

Do you think Carla took it simply? No, she didn’t. Ayaw patalo ng hitad and recently took a subtle swipe on her ex-boyfriend by posting a quote which said, “successful people build each other up. They motivate, inspire and push each other. Unsuccessful people just hate, blamed, and complain.”

Actually, si Carla ang merong negative image when she broke up with Geoff. Parang pinalalabas kasi niyang inutil ang binata, na hindi ito driven and determined like her, na mas angat siya sa anak ni Gina.

What she conveniently forgot is that it was Geoff who was instrumental in her being an actress. He could have turned down a soap with her dahil mas may pangalan naman siya at mas kilala at siya ay isang VERITABLE UNKNOWN, pero he didn’t. And then they became a couple. And then they broke up.

Carla, it seems, is a very ambitious woman, masyadong mataas ang ere kaya naman maraming nakakaaway, her ex included, at masyadong feeling.

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by Alex Valentine Brosas