BTS FOCUS: Things You Didn’t Know About SUGA of BTS (Min Yoongi / Agust D)

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Min Yoongi, also known as Suga and Agust D, is one of the main rappers and composers of BTS. He was named “Suga” because, according to their CEO, he has a sweet smile, like sugar. And like sugar, he also has very pale skin.

According to some of the interviews, he stuck to this stage name since he wanted to promote that he is also sweet! Hailing from a poor family, he captivated the hearts of audiences after they debut.

In one of his interviews, he said that he went back to their dorm after the debut and sat for a long time, staring at nothing. He just could not believe that a kid like him who grew up in poverty in Daegu would be able to reach his dreams.

BTS FOCUS: Things You Didn’t Know About SUGA of BTS (Min Yoongi / Agust D)
Min Yoongi a.k.a. Suga/Agust D from the ‘Interlude: Shadow’ Music Video

This rags to riches story, coupled with his undeniable talent in singing, rapping, dancing, producing, and composing, made him the successful artist that he is today. Here are some of the things that you probably didn’t know about Suga.

1. He used to be an underground rapper. His stage name was “Gloss”

2. He used to wear braces.

3. His favorite foods are meat, meat, and meat.

4. Prior to sleeping in dorms with his bandmates, he used to sleep naked.

5. He joined Big Hit Entertainment, originally as a producer and not an idol. For this, he continuously jokes with Bang PD that he tricked him into becoming an idol.

BTS FOCUS: Things You Didn’t Know About SUGA of BTS (Min Yoongi / Agust D)

6. His interest in rapping was inspired by the song “Reggae Muffin” by Stony Skunk. He eventually decided to become a rapper after hearing “Fly” by the Epik High.

7. He won second place in the rap audition “Hit It” held by Big Hit Entertainment in 2010.

8. At 13, he began writing songs. When he was 17, he worked part-time in a recording studio so he could further study production.

9. He taught himself how to play the piano.

10. Although he is an all-around music extraordinaire, he disliked studying music in school. He just doesn’t want to learn or study music using textbooks.

BTS FOCUS: Things You Didn’t Know About SUGA of BTS (Min Yoongi / Agust D)

11. He said he is the happiest when he works in a studio. It is one of his favorite places to spend his time, aside from the dorm and the broadcasting station. Sometimes he literally lives in there as he rarely goes out.

12. He is a certified songwriter and composer who has more than a hundred songs under his name. In January 2018, he became a full member of the Korea Music Copyright Association.

13. He suffered from a motorcycle accident during his trainee days. This happened while he was working part-time as a delivery guy.

14. He wrote the song Just One Day while he was in the hospital recovering from his appendicitis operation.

15. Suga is one of the idols that is not afraid to talk about topics that are considered taboo in South Korea. In his song “140505 at Dawn”, he admitted that he suffered from mental illnesses such as depression and social phobia.

BTS FOCUS: Things You Didn’t Know About SUGA of BTS (Min Yoongi / Agust D)

16.  One of his hobbies, if he is not writing, is taking photos. He loves taking selfies with his brown poodle named Holly.

17. He is enrolled at the Global Cyber University and is majoring in photography.

18. He has a huge love for iced Americanos. This guy can’t function without his favorite drink!

19. Suga often acts as the father of BTS. He is in charge of fixing everything that RM breaks. He also changes light bulbs, fixes toilets, and doorknobs, etc.

20. For Suga, happiness is doing what he wants to do, eating what he wants to eat, and listening to what he wants. His life motto is in fact, “I don’t give a sh*t”.

Just last May, Suga dropped ‘D-2’, the sophomore Agust D album. The music video for his solo single ‘Daechwita just reached 100+ Million views!

BTS FOCUS is a special series feature of Pinoy Parazzi in anticipation of the Map of the Soul: 7 The Journey Japanese album of Bangtan Sonyeondan or BTS. Every member deserves a spotlight because we love them so much! Stay Gold!