BTS FOCUS: Things You Didn’t Know About RM of BTS (Kim Namjoon)

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RM, formerly known as Rap Monster or Kim Namjoon in real-life is the BTS’ Leader and main rapper. Aside from being super talented in singing, dancing and rapping, he also works behind the screen. He functions as a songwriter as well as a producer for the group.
Apart from the very known fact that he speaks good English, has a very high IQ – 148, and is known as the God of Destruction, what else do you know about RM? Here are the list of things you didn’t know about the leader of BTS.
BTS FOCUS: Things You Didn't Know About RM of BTS (Kim Namjoon)
BTS RM (Kim Namjoon)


1. He learned English by watching the American hit show Friends. His mom bought him the entire DVD and he watched it several times in English, Korean and no subtitles.

2. His TOEIC score was 850. The perfect score is 990. He was 15 when he first took the exam.

3. Writing has been one of his passions. He began writing poetry when he was still a student.

4. His passion in writing poems shifted to writing lyrics when he heard Epik High’s “Fly” when he was 11 years old.


5. Before the nickname RM, he was first known in the Korean underground rapping world as Runcha Randa.

6. He got accepted after auditioning at Big Hit and accepted the offer without his parents knowing.

7. This makes him the first member of the group, hence the leader even though he is not the oldest. (Jin is.)

8. If RM didn’t join BTS and pursued his entertainment career, he said he would have been a writer of  a poet.


BTS FOCUS: Things You Didn't Know About RM of BTS (Kim Namjoon)
RM, the leader of BTS
9. He used to want to be an apartment security guard when he was a kid. Maybe that’s the inspiration for the outfit on the Dope MV?

10.  Like many other celebrities, one of RM’s favorite movies is the iconic American classic Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Among the members, RM was one of those who studied abroad. He went to New Zealand for six months.

12. He lost his passport during the Bon Voyage Season 1. He almost lost it (again!) In Chile. Thanks to the airline staff, they were able to find his passport (or else the group won’t able to perform for their fans!)

13. He gets a lot of complaints from Jin due to his snoring.

14. His ideal girl is a girl who could pull of a pair of red converse shoes.

15. If asked who would he date among the members if he were a girl, he’d say J-Hope due to his motherlike and caring nature.

16.  His sister, Kim Geong Min, is the same age as JungKook. But he doesn’t want to introduce her to their maknae, or youngest member.

17.  His parents didn’t originally supported him in his career – both of them worked stable jobs in the telecommunication industry and real estate.

18.  Mono, his second mixtape is record breaking. It is the highest charting album from a Korean soloist on Billboard 200 (as of October 2018).

19.  He has been credited over 160 songs as a songwriter in the Korea Music Copyright Association.

20.  Although there are songs which he wasn’t credited as a composer (such as Love U Hate U,  Adult Child, Outro: Circle Room Cypher, Skit: On the Start Line and Perfect Christmas.

BTS FOCUS: Things You Didn't Know About RM of BTS (Kim Namjoon)
Cute RM photo from Map of the Soul: 7 version 4 shoot

Generally RM has a unique personality, he doesn’t overshadow the others nor blend in to lose his individuality. His dedication to improving his craft such as working on lyrics and composing even after normal working hours and his impeccable speech writing that had touched the life of millions (United Nation Speech at the launch of Generation Unlimited in New York), makes him not simply a South Korean idol group member, but a real life role model that everyone should look up to and strive to emulate.


Watch his solo music video for Intro: Persona which is available at the Map of the Soul: 7 album!

BTS FOCUS is a special series feature of Pinoy Parazzi in anticipation of the Map of the Soul: 7 The Journey Japanese album of Bangtan Sonyeondan or BTS. Every member deserves a spotlight because we purple them so much! Stay Gold!