BTS FOCUS: Things You Didn’t Know About JUNGKOOK of BTS (Jeon Jung Kook)

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Jeon Jung-Kook or JUNGKOOK is the maknae, or the youngest member, of the Korean boy group extraordinaire, BTS. Known as the Golden Maknae, sometimes the Devil Maknae, Jungkook says a lot of things to annoy his other members. He also touches their butts just for the fun of it! What a cheeky little fellow!

He is the group’s main vocalist, sub-rapper and lead dancer, and the baby who was practically raised by all the members. A lot of people say that he is the manifestation of his six hyungs (or Kuya in Tagalog).

Here are some of the things you probably didn’t know about Jungkook, who is now known as the most popular male k-pop star in the world!

BTS FOCUS: Things You Didn't Know About JUNGKOOK of BTS (Jeon Jung Kook)
Jungkook of BTS

1. He originally wanted to become a badminton player when he was younger.

2. The iconic performance of G-Dragon in “Heartbreaker”, which he watched on the television inspired him to become a singer.

3. In his hometown in Busan, he auditioned for Superstar K (with IU’s “Lost Child”), a South Korean talent show. He did not make the cut, but he received numerous offers on his way home. He eventually accepted the offer from Big Hit Entertainment.

4. He joined BTS when he was 15, which makes him the youngest member. Due to the debut of the group in 2013, he entered high school later than his peers.

5. Before his debut, he flew to Los Angeles to receive training from Movement Lifestyle in 2012. This training improved his dancing skills.

6. Prior to BTS debut, he already appeared in a music video – Jo Kwon’s “I’m Da One”.

BTS FOCUS: Things You Didn't Know About JUNGKOOK of BTS (Jeon Jung Kook)

7. His hobbies include reading comic books and playing computer games. He loves his games so much that he could play two games simultaneously. Therefore, he thinks of himself as a pro gamer.

8. He also is passionate about exercising. Before he didn’t exercise a lot. Today, his inspirations are Jay Park and Taeyang.

9. As for his favorite Korean artist, it would be IU. In fact, the first album he bought was one of IU’s. His admiration towards her prompted him to cover one of her songs “Ending Scene”.

10. At 22, he became the youngest ever recipient of the Order of Cultural Merit given by the President of South Korea. This was given to BTS due to their contributions to KPop.

11. He also holds the record for the youngest ever recipient of the “Musician of the Year” award given by the Korean Music Awards.  

BTS FOCUS: Things You Didn't Know About JUNGKOOK of BTS (Jeon Jung Kook)

12. His dorm room is said to be the messiest, according to the members. He continuous to deny it.

13. He is in charge of doing the laundry in the dorm. But he also said that he is a talented cook.

14. In ten years, he sees himself as an owner of a duck restaurant or a tattoo artist.

15. He has a lot of tattoos. In fact, he has around 17 to date, but the actual number is unknown since he usually wears long sleeves or have them covered up.

BTS FOCUS: Things You Didn't Know About JUNGKOOK of BTS (Jeon Jung Kook)
Jungkook’s Tattoos

16. His solo activities include participating in the “One Dream One Korea” campaign, travel reality show “Flower Crew” appearance, variety show “Celebrity Bromance” and “King of Mask Singer”

17. His popularity in South Korea was proven when Google announced that he was been the most searched male Kpop celebrity in 2019.

18. He is also known as the “sold out king”, since whatever he is seen in or whatever item he uses automatically sells out. This includes shoes, wines, books, and even fabric conditioner. (He does the laundry, remember?)

19. He is also equally popular outside South Korea. In 2018, he was first place for ten consecutive weeks as the most beloved celebrity in China, as reported in a magazine called Hi China.

BTS FOCUS: Things You Didn't Know About JUNGKOOK of BTS (Jeon Jung Kook)

We have seen Jungkook growing from the awkward and shy trainee to slowly become the accomplished, cheeky, young man that he is now.

Thanks to his group members who supported him throughout the transition, he is turning out to be more than just the killer looks and breath-taking charms he is widely known for. Today he is becoming an inspiration to fans all over the world.


BTS FOCUS is a special series feature of Pinoy Parazzi in anticipation of the Map of the Soul: 7 The Journey Japanese album of Bangtan Sonyeondan or BTS. Every member deserves a spotlight because we love them so much! Stay Gold!