BTS FOCUS: Things You Didn’t Know About JIMIN of BTS (Park Jimin)

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The word Ji means “wisdom” and Min means “sky”. Park Jimin, or Jimin, was named by his grandfather who wishes him to be someone who reaches the sky and is full of wisdom. And how proud he would be now that his grandson had become a truly remarkable person!

A record-setter himself, Jimin, who uses his real name as his stage name, has become the first Korean artist to have three solo songs that reached the most Spotify streams – all more than 50 Million. These songs are “Serendipity”, “Lie” and “Serendipity (Full Length Edition)”.

Known as the ‘angel’ of BTS and also as a well-respected dancer/performer, here are the interesting things you probably didn’t know about Jimin.

BTS FOCUS: Things You Didn't Know About JIMIN of BTS (Park Jimin)

1. Since middle school, he already wanted to become a singer.

2. He studied modern dance when he was in high school. This prompted his teacher to urge him to audition to become a Kpop singer.

3. He was the last member to join the group.

4. He almost got kicked out several times, even the day before their debut. He said that some people in the agency didn’t think that he fits the image of the group. Looking back at those days, he now thinks he is the cherry on top of the group! BTS just wouldn’t be BTS with him!

BTS FOCUS: Things You Didn't Know About JIMIN of BTS (Park Jimin)
Jimin from the ‘No More Dream’ era

5. Jimin is the go-to member of the group when other members when they need someone to talk to. In fact, the members say that he is the most caring and kindest member of the group.

6. But when he gets depressed, he gets comfort from a cup of hot chocolate which makes him forget things instantly.

7. He also goes to V when he needs advice. Their bond is just simply amazing!

8. Jimin is easily entertained. He usually laughs at J-Hope who helps brighten his day.

7. Being one of the main dancers of the group, he practices until late at night to perfect the choreography. He even practices during his spare time.

8. He is also among the most hardworking. During rehearsals, other members would rest in the corner and you still can see him dancing and practicing.

9. He said “No More Dream” is one of the hardest dance routines for him, because he had to kick other members on the back.

10. Jimin’s dad owns and operates a café in Busan. Magnate, opened in 2019, boasts an elegant design and minimalist interior.

BTS FOCUS: Things You Didn't Know About JIMIN of BTS (Park Jimin)
Jimin in the ‘Black Swan’ video

11. Members say that Jimin makes the best sandwiches. Usually, it is his dad who makes it for them using a secret family recipe.

11. He is the shortest among the members. Although he said he has the same height as Suga.  

12. He said that he looks fat on TV. He is very disciplined in his diet particularly if they have photoshoots coming up. He used to not eat and starve himself. But now, he just maintains a healthy and safe diet.

13. He has washboard abs. At first, he didn’t want to show it in their performance of “No More Dream” but he realized that it garnered positive reactions from the fans. From then on, he wasn’t embarrassed. Thank goodness!

14. He once wore traditional women’s clothing (hanbok) during a school festival. It won him the first prize in the contest!

BTS FOCUS: Things You Didn't Know About JIMIN of BTS (Park Jimin)
Jimin (Park Jimin) of BTS

15. He thinks his eyes are very expressive, hence they are his favorite part of his body. He believes he is sexiest when he stares at the camera.

14. Just as he takes the longest time doing his make-up, he is passionate about skincare. He takes his time cleaning his face to remove all the make-up products. 

15. Jimin is considered one of the neatest or cleanest among the members. In the dorm, he is in charge of the kitchen.

Now that we got through those facts, we can surely conclude that Jimin is more than what meets the eye. Aside from his astounding beauty (which made him viral many times), his work ethic and hardworking attitude is what his true fans truly admire!


BTS FOCUS is a special series feature of Pinoy Parazzi in anticipation of the Map of the Soul: 7 The Journey Japanese album of Bangtan Sonyeondan or BTS. Every member deserves a spotlight because we love them so much! Stay Gold!