Best Series To Binge Watch In 2020 – How To Stream Online

By now, you would have been asked by your friends, loved ones, or special someone, about what series you watch. It is inevitable not to be addicted to series these days as they offer a lot of variety in terms of genre, storyline, length, and overall content.

You may, for sure, be overwhelmed with the available choices out there, I hear you. Since selecting which series to watch and how to watch it best based on your preferences and needs is confusing, if not difficult.

So in this article, I narrowed down the top series that are binge-worthy based on the responses from the global audience, popularity, and of course, storyline.

Best Series To Binge Watch In 2020 - How To Stream Online

The Witcher 

Best Series To Binge Watch In 2020 - How To Stream Online
The Witcher

If you are into cinematography, fantasy, and great character portrayals, The Witcher is a perfect candidate for your binge-watching. The story is about one of the last for-hire monster slayers. In between being mysterious, mighty, and busy with his usual slaying jobs, his path crossed with a princess on the run.

Stranger Things

Best Series To Binge Watch In 2020 - How To Stream Online
A scene from ‘Stranger Things’

This American sci-fi series is on its third season, that is simply how good it is. The plot started when a young boy suddenly disappeared and shocked the quiet and peaceful lives of people in a small town.

All hell broke loose as his mother, brother, friends, and even the police got involved in finding him. The story unfolds as they began to trace his disappearance to secret government experiments and a very peculiar young girl, among many things.


Best Series To Binge Watch In 2020 - How To Stream Online
Kingdom Season 2 is now available on Netflix!

Kingdom is the first Korean Netflix original series, and rightly so. Now on its second season, the Kingdom is all about political tactics, royal throne, father and son relationship and of course, really fast zombies.

It narrates the (mis)adventures of the Prince as he tries so hard to stop the plague that ravished a part of their territory while at the same time, fighting to keep the throne from the coup orchestrated by greedy officials, including the queen consort.

Now that you have your choices, let me run you through the ways on how to watch them online. I know, perhaps you don’t’ have the patience (like I do) to wait for your series to be available in local networks.

So the best way to be up to date is through watching online. It’s easy and of course, you can view it in real-time. To watch your series of the week (I understand you), just follow the step by step guide below.

1.  Select a website where the series you like is available. Most series are available online, you just have to search well. Google is your best friend.

2.  Next, if there is an app for that website, as most streaming sites have, download the app and install it accordingly in your smartphone.

3.  Search for the series that you like using the app.

4.  You have the option to download it ( to save mobile data and avoid buffering problems)

5.  Viola! You can start watching it!

Although you may have to be a little bit patient with some of the websites. The upload time of some websites vary – some upload right after the episode played on TV while some may be uploaded late, particularly if you are watching a foreign series that needed dubbing or putting in subtitles.

As for my final tip, I suggest downloading the episode(s) early on to avoid buffering problems since most network providers are not reliable these days. Another thing, to truly enjoy streaming online, have a good pair of headphones or earphones, so you could understand the conversation and take in the sound effects. Finally, have a fully charged power bank ready! Enjoy your binge-watching!