Best Brain Foods for Exam Takers – What to Eat

Health is wealth, we all know that. Taking care of our bodies should be every one’s priority. We can focus on specific part to develop it further. Just like in the gym, we do bench press to develop our arms, goblet squat to develop our legs. You know the drill.

But what do we do when we want to focus on our brains? We can do mental exercises such as meditations to cleanse our brains. However, how about the physical state of it? What can we do to make our brains healthier?

Here are a list of the best brain foods to eat to develop mental focus and concentration. These food are highly recommended particularly for exam takers, who need a further boost in their brain function. Read through the list and take note of what to include in your diet!

Best Brain Foods for Exam Takers - What to Eat
Woman eating Avocado


Avocados are not just the perfect breakfast food, it is also the perfect brain food. This fruit is filled with all the vitamins that your brain needs such ask Vitamins C, E, K and B complex. It is contains high amount of tyrosine, a brain chemical that allows you to stay focused while studying. 


We can go nuts when we search for healthy alternatives to snacking. But nuts are more than just good snacks. Walnuts in particular, is the only nut that contains ALA (alpha-linolenic acid).

ALA is the plant version of omega-3 fatty acids. Eating walnuts would improve your learning ability and ability to recall information.

Best Brain Foods for Exam Takers - What to Eat
Dark Chocolates are good for you! | Photo Source

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is more than just a treat. Dark chocolates help boost one’s memory and mood. Eating dark chocolate can help in aiding memory and one’s attention span, making it the perfect snack for exam takers.

Not only does your memory get a boost, but you also get that happy feeling that is compared to feeling in love!


You can say that this is orange gold. Turmeric has been used in many recipes for more than a century. This spice contains curcumin and turmerone. They both increase the proteins in the brain that lead to new brain cell growth and production of new neurons. Take half teaspoon daily and be amazed by the results!

Dark Leafy Vegetables

Leafy greens such as kale, spinach, broccoli and chard are good sources of Vitamins K, B6 and B12. Vitamin K is an essential nutrient that helps build the pathways in the brain. The B Vitamins that these leafy greens contain are also crucial in improving one’s alertness and memory retention.

Best Brain Foods for Exam Takers - What to Eat
Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea, when consumed regularly, provides a lot of wonderful health benefits. Aside from the benefits it brings to the digestive system, it also contains a lot of antioxidants.

Green tea is also known to boos one’s concentration. Drink green tea before an exam to get the caffeine kick without the pain in the stomach that coffee brings.

Complex Carbohydrates

The brain needs fuel, and complex carbohydrates are good forms of fuel. Rather than consuming candies and sugary drinks, load up on complex carbohydrates before your exams. These can be found in whole grains (such as steel cut oatmeal), fresh fruits, vegetables and beans.


Protein provides good source of sustained energy. For exam takers, eating good, clean protein is said to lessen anxiety. You can get your protein sources from lean meats, egg whites, soy products and vegetables.


Staying properly hydrated supports optimal brain function. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day ensures that your brain and body are properly hydrated. Proper hydration also results to improving mental focus and curing fatigue.


Those are just some of the best food that you can consume to improve your brain health. Prior to taking your exams, make sure that you fill your body with these nutrient-rich foods that can benefit your brain. Also, make sure to maintain a good sleeping pattern! Good luck with your future tests!