Awayang Marian Rivera at Heart Evangelista, may part 2?

MAY part 2 ba ang awayang Marian Rivera at Heart Evangelista?

ERASED NA ang Instagram photo na pinost ni Heart Evangelista where her magazine mag cover was placed side by side with that of Marian Rivera with this caption: “One left!!:) glad you guys got your copy:)”

Awayang Marian Rivera at Heart Evangelista

Awayang Marian Rivera at Heart Evangelista, may part 2?

Marian Rivera at Heart Evangelista

Naloka ang mga fans ni Marian Rivera because they thought it was a direct swipe at their idol. Kasi naman, isa na lang ang natira sa mag cover ni Heart samantalang ‘yung kay Marian ay marami pa. they think that it was made to appear na mas mabenta ang cover ni Heart Evangelista kaysa kay Marian.

Merong nag-comment na “mighty high” ang insecurity ni Heart kay Marian.

One theorized that binili ni Heart ang magazine na cover siya at itinira na lang ang isa para palabasing mabenta ang kanyang cover pictorial.

“Childish, insecure, provoking act” ang tingin naman ng isa sa ginawa ni Heart.

Nagpaliwanag si Heart tungkol sa Instagram photo niya which has this caption: “One of the greatest mental freedoms is truly not caring about what anyone else thinks of you.”

“Mahirap maging artista sa totoo lang. Lalo na Kung minsan you choose to just shut up. People have no idea how others can be in person. I honestly didn’t mean anything…infact, if I hated someone (which is a strong word to begin with) why would I even have that person in mg ig post. I thank my supporters. It’s not my fault mg magazine was placed beside “her”. I’ve always been honest and outspoken.  She sin’t my favorite person because of what she did to me and others but that was yearsago. We are not friends nor enemies. If you don’t like me please unfollow…thank you sa nagdedefend Na totoong account. I really appreciate all of you,” mahabang explanation ni Heart.

When someone told Heart na makipagbati na kay Marian, nagpasalamat ang dalaga pero sinabing nakakapagod na ang fans ng dyowa ni Dingdong.

So, merong part two ang bangayang Heart and Marian?

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas